Get Beyond 1000 Rating and Relax ♔ ASMR Chess for improvement and sleep

How to improve from novice to 1000+ rating in chess.

big thanks to FredTheHumanBishop, Night and Bilou! Also a big thanks to all my other amazing patrons!


  1. I find the wooden chessboard videos to be much more relaxing. The sound of the pieces, the reflected light …. Surely having the computer analysis helps to improve and it's also very handy for showing variations quickly, but it's very distracting.
    Great video nonetheless!

  2. Just curious- what happened to your Battlefield let’s play video. Did you take it down?

  3. I´am currently near to 1300 but I always have a problem to keep up my train of thaugths or probably more precisely to think about mor possibilitys in a position or going more into depth after finding an decent idea. I guess this will only get better with constant training.
    Great Video again btw.

  4. Ofc ill watch this vid but it is very long i think dividing it into 3vids would attract more people and get more viewq

  5. Ah it’s so good to see a new video from you! I’m gonna enjoy this 🙂 Over an hour of the best content on YouTube 😁

  6. Hey asmr chess, this Video is as always top tier quality. Amazing how much work, love and effort you put in ur vids. Just awesome. Quick question, what do you think about an only whisper Video?

  7. The best ever live chess background. Pleeeease keep it! 🙂

  8. Whats the name of the movie/series at the start of the video??

  9. I'm 1100 and did not know how to properly use analysis like this and didn't even know about the openings tab. Thank you so much!

  10. This was a extremely good vid I loved every second 💫

    In the future can you maybe make a tutorial on more openings like maybe the kings Indian or any good beginner or advanced openings

  11. already am well past 1000 elo but just can't resist watching the vids, keep up the great work!!

  12. me a 250 rated: this is what is called thinking ahead. very important for chess

  13. i watched your videos years ago, glad that you’ve gotten back at it and in incredible form! i’ve started playing casually in the past month or so and play the queen’s gambit / sicilian defense exclusively because your videos are the easiest to watch lol

  14. The effort you put into specially your last 3,4 videos is incredible. respect

  15. Just watched it again. I’m 1100 but I think this can get my rating op.
    Going for 1300 this year.

  16. This video is absouletly amazing! Can you make a video on the London system?

  17. great video, fire sound effects are really relaxing

  18. You will always stay my best guide to chess, that's I always ask for more, and I really really want to ask you plzzzz to explain the sicilian najdorf as u explained the brilliant dragon variation .. thnx a lot for your efforts. Perfect.

  19. The problem with these videos is I would like to watch these to improve, but I keep falling asleep because it’s too relaxing 😂

  20. I'm well over 1000 but watching anyway cuz your videos are so relaxing.

  21. I love your content. I hope you do other chess openings !!

  22. Where yall playing this specific game with the ratings I wanna test my self

  23. "mate end games" im like 670 rn and remembering this helped me win a game recently! I made a queen move to fork a rook and bishop and pick one up with like a 5% chance of mating if he missed it, and lo and behold, he did. I might not have played that move before reminding myself to always try and mate so thanks

  24. I'm 1700 but simple chess is even more relaxing than some grandmaster game so I still like it

  25. 18:43 I saw a quicker mate in Ng5 (there’s the knight to cover the queen and prevent the capture), Nh7+, king forced to move to g8 if black doesn’t want to lose his rook. Then white takes with the knight on d5; if opponent captures back there’s Rxe8+. Forced move, the queen takes the rook, and finally Qxe8#. However, black moved the bishop back, so there’s another defender

  26. “There is just one small problem”

    How to play chess

  27. Literally know nothing about Chess like there is Elo what is this ranked cod or r6 or sum😂

  28. ASMR Chess: "The army, they trust you"
    Me: This a good group of boys! We're all gonna die out here

  29. I've been hovering in the 1100's for a long time.. need to do some learning, I'm ready to level up lol.

  30. Your voice in this video is amazing. Super soft/quiet and relaxing.

  31. He’s the Bob Ross of chess… need I say more? 😂🔥

  32. I don't know how many times I've watched the first few minutes of this only

  33. Man, I don't know how I'm going to sleep if you reduce me to hysterics in less than a minute but OK! I'm in 😀

  34. 1:04! Must I understand why the move wasn't R to a1 chess and mate?! But I admit that I have not watched the whole Video, may be there is a reason?

  35. I think you live and work in a library otherwise I am just going to think you are one weird creepy but!!!

  36. "I Don't want you to have a good plan, I just want you to have a plan."

    I'm way ahead of you there.

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