Gain Chess Rating Points by Finding the Right Plan

NM Dan Heisman presents a problem from GM Ward’s book It’s Your Move. In this book GM Ward gives positions and offers 5 different plans, and the reader has to choose which plan is the correct one. Dan discusses the four steps to finding the right plan, and at the end compares his (Dan’s) answer to Ward’s answer and then checks these answers by using Stockfish 13 (the book was written in 2000 when the engines were not as good).

NM Dan Heisman has been a full-time chess instructor since 1996 and is the author of 12 chess books, the TV show “Q&A with Coach Heisman” on and the radio show “Ask the Renaissance Man” on the Internet Chess Club. Howard Stern was one of Dan’s students. Dan tries to answer comments on YouTube but for a quicker, more comprehensive answer (or questions about lessons), contact Dan via email, skype, or phone via Dan’s website . His Chess Tip of the Day is @danheisman on Twitter.


  1. Dan I suggest a new series named 'What happens next?'. Where you give a position and ask viewers what happens next.
    I many times go blank and don't know what will happen next. It will help viewers like me. Thanks.

  2. Your videos are great, trying to spread the word! I’m a late thirties adult learner, have gone from 400 to 1050. Which book of yours would you recommend? Want to get one and show support. I’ve read Play Winning Chess and working on Winning Chess tactics and Chess Tactics for Students that you recommend. Tactics up to 1900 on a chess website. Working through Logical chess move by move as well when not doing tactics. For endgames I’ve been working on those with Chessable. Thanks again, wish you the best.

  3. Good video. I encounter this position frequently against the GrandPrix attack and I end up releasing the pressure with …dxe5. Will consider Nd4 next time (interestingly I never used to even consider Nd4 as a candidate move). Thanks! Also, don't be concerned about the number of followers and views. Quality trumps quantity any day 💪 👍

  4. Please get a better mic, it helps when watching longer videos like this.

  5. I really need to start putting in more energy to evaluate 1-more moves and 2-each move deeper. Thank you coach !

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