Follow this leveling GAME PLAN to play better in Ranked! | Auto Chess Mobile Guide

So I’ve been playing a lot of Auto Chess in the current meta and following on from my Auto Chess Mobile loss streak conversation today I think it’s almost better to follow a TFT like gameplan of leveling up at certain points. You lose HP SO quickly in the current format of the game that being greedy and trying to use your economy to win really only works if you’re high rolling or you get incredibly lucky.

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  1. I think it's important to level aggressively in auto chess right now due to how punishing it can be if you lose streak into mid game!

  2. Do you actually get more views with those tittles? xP
    Pls try 3 gods + 4 warlocks + 3 mages . 4th attempt

  3. Can i add your account? I wanna spec your game sometimes ingame.

  4. Maybe I'll try lvling up then focus on what I'm doing and see if that helps, thanks ex, ggs!

  5. I dont agree with your level up plan. I've experienced that it really depends on your build. For example with warriors going to lvl 5 and 6 is very important since you need your lvl 4 warriors. But if i'm playing goblins I usually dont level and go for a 50 gold around lvl 5 strat to get early 3 stars.

  6. Thank you for daily content. Keep up the good work👊
    Ps: Can I add your ingame to spectate your games ?

  7. Had a lobby with 3 glacier knights players and remembered that you mentioned that 9 warrior was good, so I tried it and won the game comfortably. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  8. Love ur videos man defo wanna my favourite streamers. just don’t stop playing man the community supports u. I do hope the new update will create a new meta as I feel like I’m having to play the same comps every game to get top 3

  9. Also bit worried about tft mobile might take quite a lot of players from auto chess but who know maybe people are loyal

  10. I prefer to say sweet words to my like and subscribe button. 🤣

  11. Where ur give away switch for 2020 ? Get caught cheating ? Hahahahahahaahah.. sub scammer

  12. Idiot strategy.. who follow this u will lose.. hahahaahaha.. wtf did just happen dude? Idiot rolling and picking chess….

  13. “Maybe the three star water spirit is doing me”😂😂

  14. What in the living hell is that thumbnail.

  15. They changed my layout and confused me for commenting. I like this strat, bit smoother, I've been having first or eighth this meta.

  16. I don't think this trick would get you to queen tbh :/

  17. Yo excoundrel!
    How about you play the new fantasy mode next video?

  18. nice vid Exc., new things to learn, but i think it would be better if you put refresher orb on storm shaman since there's lot mage players in the lobby..? i dont know, it's just my opinion.. ^^

  19. IMO the game now is just about how LUCKY you get. Not much you can do on switching comps or itemizations or how good your skills are with this game or the depth of knowledge you have with this. It does not matter if you have 50gold very very early if your pieces just don't come no matter how hard your role for them when you are committed to that and it is too late to switch, you are out earlier than you would think. K3 here Asia server.

  20. i think you should have sold soulbreaker for ergesis with refresher then you can sell her for thr future

  21. Hey guys, New auto chess videos on my channel as King 3 and ranking to Queen. Check it up 🤗

  22. I must know, what is the song at the last few seconds of your videos? This is one of the only comments I've ever put on any youtube (if not the only one), just to ask this. To make it worth it, I will also say that this is great content and I appreciate the work you put into this!

  23. Bruh..u don't know how much help me your videos🖤

  24. Thanks Excound. You are my inspiration in this game. Wish you always succes.

  25. for me i want to build knights and spirts.

  26. Agreed Ex, it has been really crazy with most builds and getting them to 3 stars. But honestly balancing economy really helps in the game. what is the longest game or highest round you have done?

  27. I just had something… interesting happen.

    I hate ogre mage, so i never grab him, but i put one in with the intent to get rid of him. He buffed my whisper seer and the buff went off…

    Apparently, the seedlings count as whisper seers auto attacks because all of a sudden i had about 12 seedlings on the map. It was pretty hilarious. Too bad ogre mage is unreliable as hell.

  28. What do you mean by levelling by "curved"? What does curved mean?

  29. I don't know, for me, it was hard to follow this curving style

  30. I stopped watching the seconds you chomped chips in the mic! 🤮

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