Find Out Your Rating With Chess Puzzles

Find out your chess rating with 5 chess puzzles. Each puzzle has a different skill level and will decide your rating.

Enjoy the video!


  1. in the second puzzle i guessed qb7 , am i blind or is this mate in one too?

  2. Puzzle 3 why is Queen e5 not the answer

  3. bro there are 2 black bishops in the 3rd puzzle

  4. Thank you so much! I keep on getting into the first position and losing, now i know what to do!

  5. How about on the last puzzle Kg2 works bcs any where rook moves theres check mate(Also my rating is around 1200)

  6. For the second one would bishop H2 work?

  7. After 10 minute of thinking about the last one i understood that queen a1 is only way mate after move rook g7

  8. On the fifth puzzle doesn’t bishop g6 kings forced to take and than queen g8 mate?

  9. for the 3rd one why can’t you do Nukexe5

  10. yay i have 1200 rating
    even though i have 500

  11. I literally spent 5 minutes on the first question. Bruh.

  12. Also

    Knigth g4 was too in the original puzzle but he put a pawn so that the only solution is queen a1

    Pin me for all people to read this and not be commenting kninght g4 is mate too

  13. Why doesn't Bishop c3 work for the 3rd one? Also great video bro💯.

  14. You should have picked new puzzles I remember the solution to all of these. I don't remember if I managed to solve them myself though.

  15. in the third puzzle why can't it be Ng6#?

  16. For the third one why can rook take queen on e2

  17. For the third what about knight to c4?

  18. For the third puzzle, doesn’t rook c5 and bishop c3 work?

  19. That's the easiest quiz I have attempted.

  20. 1.a8=N#
    4.Rh1 gxh1=Q Qxh1#
    5.Qa8 Rg7 Qh1#

  21. Why rook c5 doesn’t work for the 3rd puzzle

  22. On fourth puzzle why doesn’t queen g7 work

  23. In the second puzzle Qb3 is not mate. The bishop on g8 can take it. Bishop h2 is the correct answer.

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