Find Out Your Chess Skill Level – Chess Quiz #9

1000 – 1500 Strategic Thinking Chess Course: ✅ Everything I wished I knew when I was rated 1000. If you’re stuck around the 1000 level and can’t seem to improve, this is the course for you. 40+ video lessons on all phases of the game! I compared hundreds of players responses to the same 3 positions and analyzed the results!

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  1. for the second one cant you go F3 so you stop the queen?

  2. In position 2 – why is pawn f6 not a good move? It blocks the white Queen off.

  3. Got #1, Blundered #2 with Qf2+ trying to equalize the position, and got #3.

  4. Proud of my 1200 elo self for getting the 3 position right with the knight move

  5. Isn’t the correct answer for the first puzzle g6? Then you can get mate with rook to b8 and then c8

  6. 🏛️Léiner Ferdinán Alcívar Álvarez🏛️ says:

    Awfull, as a 1800 player I cant found anyone

  7. Position 1: Rd2# ez… wait it was white to play?
    Position 2: d4, they would take it with a pawn but that would block the bishop meaning I successfully defend the king and also able to deploy my bishop… wait bishop can take the pawn?
    Position 3: there are 3 moves I could do. Rg1, Kg1 or Bb4. I don't really know what to play anyway so I will just check to see if one of those 3 moves work… I didn't see that black Bishop can take White Knight.

  8. in the first game i just said b4 and didnt realise there was mate in one… IM 1100

  9. 1. Evaluate your oppenents threat.
    2. Do I need to immediately defend , or can I counter with a greater threat ?

  10. For position 2 what if g3 is played against d5

  11. I found the two best moves in the first and second positions and the second best move in the third position at 750 elo

  12. Wait what….. in the 1st position, they didn’t think of b4?

  13. I managed to get all the best moves although I'm 1100 rated. I think I should just take it slow instead of taking 1 second every move.

  14. pos 1. me, a 350: plays Rb1 (??) Anylysis: This is a horrible move.
    pos 2. castle (👍) anylysis: You defended the pawn.

  15. in the third position after you take the knight there is Qxf6+, Kg1 and Rook g6 is checkmate and is faster than taking the knight on h3 and then mating. i think you missed saying that.

  16. Half-a-pawn behind stockfish after three moves, my 950 elo personage will take.

  17. That was fun and instructive. Thanks and thumbs up. (Edit: How long does it take Stockfish to calculate to a depth of 39?)

  18. in the second situation what about pawn to d6. Then next move you can do bishop to g4 and pin the queen to the king.

  19. I saw Ng1 but got scared of h4 after g3 so ended with Bb4

  20. For position 3
    I would have considered Bb4 strongest : after the Black K moves, Qf8 check forcing the Black K into g6 blocking the black rook, and preventing its use as an attacking piece, and also pinning the black bishop preventing development of the Black bishop and rook on a8. It also allows White to maintain the pawn threat to the Black knight on f3.

  21. For position 3 continued
    White would play Rf1g1
    (a) threatening g2 x Nf3, either (a) pinning the Black Q against the Black K on g6 or (b) mate on g7.
    (b) if Nf3 x Rg1, f2f3 threatening the Black Q.

    If (i) Ng1 x f3, g2x f3 allowing Ra1 to g1.
    (NOTE – The White K would escape to B3 & Black cannot take Ng3 as the delay of 1 move would allow Ra1g1 check followed by mate with the White Q on g7. )

    If (ii) Qg3h4, Ra1xNg1 followed by Bb4e1 trapping the Black Q.

    (I suggest
    1. You view the lines being investigated by Stock fish to understand what it is reacting to. (Clearly lines I can't see)
    2. Having the White Q on f8 is not misplaced due to both pinning the Black queenside bishop and rook while threatening g7 mate via a supporting White rook on g1. )

  22. For position 1
    The move e3e4 gives an uncomfortable feeling due to
    1. d5e4, giving the possibility of support for a Black rook on f3 with a possible mate of the White K by g7g5.
    2. d5e4 is passed

  23. For position 3 continued (b) should be
    If Nf3 x Rg1, Nh3 x Ng1 threatening the Black Q with f2f3, and g2g3.
    This will open the path g1 f3 h4 f5 for the white N. The pin of the Black pieces by the White Q on f8 will give the time needed to execute a mate.

  24. am 1000 rated but always found the 1600 + solution. amIi suddenly stupid when it comes to playing?

  25. I've definitely learned to pull my knight back to its original position. I think there's a mental block that pulling back is weakness.

  26. for the second puzzle what about forcing a queen trade and you just have bad pawn structure at the end. Qf2 Qxf2 Bxf2 Kxf2 gxh3?

  27. Wow, glad i stuck it out, lol! i felt like a dummy when i couldn't even CHOOSE a move in the first one, then sort of the same for the middle one. The last one I chose the "right" move, but saw that Ng1 had only been picked by 5% of 1600+ experts, so i figured i was way off there as well, tho i did reason it out KIND OF like u did. So I feel a bit redeemed, haha, and still have no idea wqhat my rating would be, prolly 1100 or something.

  28. Why am i so good at doing one move like i know the best possible move but I can't do it in a game 💀💀💀💀

  29. In position 2 what about queen to f6 which gives a threat to the queen and bishop and our queen is protected by pawns
    I mean did i just see a super grandmaster move or what because nobody has realised it

  30. Wtf fish, like if he suggests Ng1 and then Bb4 that will transpose, but yea, I'm only human, after all

  31. First: i would move the pown e4
    Second: or id put pown d5 then id castle, or castle 1st then pown d5
    Third id do what stockfish said: knight g1 then id try to control my king "neighboorhood", and id probably use my queen to do that…

  32. In the thumbnail 609 and 2609 both did a double check checkmate

  33. Hai nelson i hope you play on coffee chess thx

  34. In the the position on the picture of the video you 609 elo that is a mistake is actually a showoff or brilliant checkmate look Nelson Lopez.

  35. What about Rg6# in the 3rd position, instead of taking the horse

  36. For position 2, is Rf1 a good move to defend against the battery of the Queen and bishop ? If no, I would’ve answered d5

  37. I like that these puzzles aren't necessarily about immediately winning material, but about getting a positional advantage and/or just holding your position together. Makes it more realistic since there isn't always a shiny tactic available in actual games.

  38. i love how he literally sucked us all in with these videos and now delivers a bunch of garbage thats not even similar… still love the guy but we got bamboozled

  39. I don't understand puzzle 2.
    Why not Qe1 checkmate?
    What am I missing?

  40. For the second position Qf2 Is good or not?

  41. The move distributions are interesting as it gives an insight into how often various rating levels will blunder key positions

  42. Thanks for confirming how trash I am at chess.

  43. i think queen e1 was mate in 2nd position

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