Fastest Way to Reach 1800 | Chess Rating Improvement, Common Mistakes & Training Tips to Get Better

Fastest Way to Reach 1800 Chess Rating – its simple, just fix these mistakes. To Get Better at Chess & Improve Your Chess Rating Quickly, watch this video. I will share chess improvement tips, online tools & resources to practice and improve your game faster. We will look at the top 7 mistakes most players make & learn how to fix them. These lessons will help beginners & intermediate players to win more games.
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0:00 Chess Mistakes
0:12 Calculation Mistakes
2:00 Piece Improvement
3:13 Time Trouble
4:11 Bad Endgame Technique
5:56 Opening Selection
7:03 Blunders
8:24 Exchanging without Thinking
9:57 Aimchess Review
10:43 1 Million Subs – Special Message
11:02 Chess Puzzle

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  1. Lucina reminds me of Samay raina πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  2. Qxh6 black force to move with king or pawn no matter rh8# mate

  3. Fk Aimchess! Stop promoting so much, it makes the video, which otherwise is good, unwatchable.

  4. 1st move:- Qe3 to h6
    2nd move:- Rb8 to h8
    It's mate

  5. Hey Mr. Jeetendra, your openings are awesome! I used to sacrifise my minor peices so much, and made the game sloppy, and allways failed, but when I watched your videos, I became so much better! Thank you! Did you ever fight in tournement matches? 🀨People should fear you! Your so tactical and use crushing stratigies!🀩😁

  6. Qh6 check king capture h6 and r h8 is checkmate

  7. I am in the winning streak of 15 wins and continuing winning

  8. why cant the bishop just go to g8 check and win the queen with an extra bishop cause the rook and bishop is attacking queen

  9. Qxh6
    If gxh6 then Rh8 mate
    If king takes, even then it's a mate


  10. Pawn to F-6
    Queen to E-4
    Check and mate!!

  11. Which app you use to play chess during video

  12. Which chess app you are using in your videos? because graphics are awesome

  13. For me, this is the most helpful chess channel on YT! Although my ranking used to oscillate between 1600 and 1800, not having played for years, I am out of shape now, and your videos are true blessing, as I learn some of the stuff I overlooked before, or that I need to brush upon. Thanks a lot, Mr. Jeetendra!

  14. I smiled when you said, "If you like this video, don't waste any more time and hit thumbs up", as I never waste time when I watch your videos (which isn't the case in many other things in my life) – I always save time and never fail to click the thumbs up button at the beginning of each of your videos. 😊 That's the least each of us can do for you, appreciating your top-notch content.

  15. to hell with you and your aimchess….. youre soo greedy..

  16. Your explaining ability is phenomenal and unmatchable… Great Sir

  17. time trouble just happened with me .. i hope i know this before


  18. I personally am looking into learning the english opening for white.

  19. It was actually a good idea for white. in that position after Kf7, white cane also play Bg8+ and skewer the rook.After king takes g8 rook takes f6 and white is still pawn up.And if king moves to any other sqare than we can simply take the rook.

  20. 1800 most players won't achieve can't achieve without other endeavors ( i.e Studying,Chess Club, lessons, or being coached) in other words you'll never get there by brute force.

    I myself hover around 1900-2000 online rating (ICC Chess) but live rating is around 2168 strength last time I checked.

    The difference as you move up the ladder is more inaccuracies in the position lose you games but if your average player a massive blunder or hanging pieces lose you the game basically everything tactics defending positionally etc.

    Good tip is to remove all the pawns on both sides in middle game look at squares you control or defending/attacking they are control or defending/attacking it will give you good start where to go to from there many times you see players just attack an opponent piece or check the King just because with no clear intent on a game plan.

  21. Hey!

    I just loved the video, thank you for the amazing content you make.

  22. puzzle solution:
    Qxh6+ -> pawn takes or king takes -> rh8#

  23. The only problem with this video is that my enemies are also watching πŸ˜•

  24. I need your help and suggestion..I want to take part in chess tournament but I have never played any tournament before except school days…please tell how to participate in tournaments

  25. Puzzle Solution:
    1. Queen takes the h6 pawn
    2. Black takes the queen with the king
    3. Rook to h8 is a mate


    1. Queen takes the h6 pawn
    2. Now black the queen with his g7 pawn
    3. again rook h8 is a mate

  26. Mate in 2:
    If, gxh6 then Rxh8#
    Else, Kxh6 then Rxh8#

  27. the amount of ads mixed in this video is quite annoying tbh

  28. Can I get the FIDE ratings playing online? Please reply Sir ..

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