Fastest Way to Reach 1800 | Chess Rating Improvement, Common Mistakes & Training Tips to Get Better

Fastest Way to Reach 1800 Chess Rating – its simple, just fix these mistakes. To Get Better at Chess & Improve Your Chess Rating Quickly, watch this video. I will share chess improvement tips, online tools & resources to practice and improve your game faster. We will look at the top 7 mistakes most players make & learn how to fix them. These lessons will help beginners & intermediate players to win more games.
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0:00 Chess Mistakes
0:12 Calculation Mistakes
2:00 Piece Improvement
3:13 Time Trouble
4:11 Bad Endgame Technique
5:56 Opening Selection
7:03 Blunders
8:24 Exchanging without Thinking
9:57 Aimchess Review
10:43 1 Million Subs – Special Message
11:02 Chess Puzzle

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  1. Rh8+ Kxh8, Qxh6#. Really proud of you brother! Congrats for the million subscribers.. you were the one who helped me start my chess career. You were the first chess tutorial YouTube I followed.

  2. Your wordings block the part of chessboard so becomes difficult to understand

  3. Or how about u just use a chess engine…

  4. 666th comment

  5. Sir please advices me how to membership your online classes

  6. 1.pawn to f6
    2.his pawn takes
    3.our white crosser makes check mate

  7. I have one major mistake to reach higher. I only play when drinking. Chess is my drinking game. start at 4 beers and end when i go to bed. sometimes 12+ beers. Yesterday and today, i played sober one game only each day. gave 100 points yesterday and today 150. beat them both. I tend to hang pieces and miss discovered attacks with bishops when smashed. Knights can become very confusing if i really overdo the beer but damn i love this game. Trying now to enjoy it when playing sober. should be interesting to see how it play out. (personally speaking – not interesting to anyone else).

  8. Since you mentioned 2 moves, I assumed first move had to be a forcing move.
    So, first move is Queen takes H6 pawn… If g7 pawn kills queen. Next move is Knight goes to g5, no space left to move and its mate (I think).. B8 rook won't let king go into 8 file.

    But if white king takes black queen, the rook can move into b8 to h8, mate.

    But useless for me as I took around 3-4 minutes to solve this. 🙁

  9. Puzzle solution:-
    Queen to h6 then if pawn captures the queen then rook to h8 is beautiful checkmate , Going back , If king captures the queen then again rook to h8 is mate.
    Thanks to Jeetendra Advani sir

  10. I learnt a lot from your videos and improved in my games Regards

  11. White -pawn F6
    Black takes back or does some other move,any way thats not a problem.
    White-Queen e4 is a beautiful checkmate.

  12. Kal neend main khel ra tha 1750 se 1400 pahunch gaya aaj fresh mind se khela to dubara 1600 tak pahuncha hu😂😂

  13. 2 minutes silence for those people who unlike this video.
    Jitendra bro what a video.
    Hat's off to you.

  14. mate in 2 moves: f6, Qe4
    hopefully I am right lol

  15. Sacrifice your queen on qxh6+ let's say if kxh6 then rh8 is a checkmate if he/she plays gxh6 after qxh6+ then also rh8 is a checkmate because bishop is supporting the rook.

  16. not even kidding: i've been stuck at 1600 for like 3 years and i've contemplated suicide over it.

  17. Can I get better in half or full year I love chess but I'm just starting it now and I will have to write some kind of achievement in my college application form so is chess good for me? I didn't play it until now because I was busy getting good grades

  18. Wtf u said you really didn't play chess. U say that bishop is more powerful 😅 than knight 🤣 so funny

  19. Bcz of ur techniques and trick My Liechess ratting in 30 min games 1900+ and 10 min games 1850+…

  20. Jeetendra we want to see you playing with other GMs

  21. Qxh6 , h6xQ , Rh8++ other possibility Qxh6,kxQh6,Rh8++

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