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Apologies for the sporadic audio issues… I’m still learning!

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  1. My Blitz was 218 – which they refused to use.So I gave them my rapid rating of 620…Based on the responses – My Estimated ELO was 1430.(maybe a bit high, but my issue is usually time so perhaps, it makes some sense, idk…)

  2. It was tedious glad to see u went all the way for fans like us

  3. 1655 with a 90 point confidence interval, different problems. Very good as far as I'm concerned.

  4. I first tried it back when I was starting to play chess seriously, and I got some where around 1500. Yesterday, after playing online and solving puzzles for roughly 6 months, I tried it again and it went up to 1871. That was surprising for me because my classical rating on lichess is a laughable 1320.

  5. Dude very skilled? Are you serious? O my fucking god

  6. i am rated about 2050 average by the site

  7. I got an estimate of 1842 with a 95% confidence which is weird cause my uscf rating is a 1150 lol (I started playing less than a year ago)

  8. Its a scam, they ask you about everything, and they give you some higher number to feel better..

  9. It's very instructive to watch your analysis after trying to solve the problems myself. Thank you!

  10. Based on your move choices, our estimate of your Elo rating is 1669, with a 95% confidence interval of [1530…1809]. i just want to see your solution nows and pls can u make some lessons on this channels love u man

  11. If anyone is interested, these were the mistakes that I caught. There may be more:

    35:07 1. h4 is strongest, stopping kingside counterplay and preparing h5 and Nh4. 1. c4 g5 is holding for Black.

    50:58 This is a theoretical position. 1. Bg1 is best for White, not trading off Black's bad bishop.

    54:16 1. Bf1 Kf3 2. h4 Kxf4 3. Bh3 Ke5! draws for black. The correct idea is the similar 1. Bg2 Ke3 2. h4 Kxf4 3. Bf3 Ke5 4. h5 Ke6 5. Bd5+!

    1:15:25 Strongest is 1. Bd2 b4 (or 1…Qa4 2. Bb3 Qxe4 3. Ng5) 2. Bxf7+ Kxf7 3. Qb3+ Kf8 (3…Kg6 gets mated after 4. Nh4) 4. Ng5 winning

    1:16:01 This is a famous Petrosian game with colors reversed. The strongest is 1. Re3! setting up a blockade on the dark squares.

  12. how are you 24, when you look like you are almost in your 40's?

  13. I had 1850 on this test. I only play chess online since October 2017 and am 1500+ on and 1750 on lichess (blitz ratings). I don't rly know any opening theory but i think I am pretty decent (for an amateur) at tactics : 2000+ on and 1850 on chesstempo, that could explain why this site overrates me.

  14. He ends the puzzles at 1:24:32 if anyone is curious but doesn't want to see answer to the puzzles.
    But the final result is at 1:33:43

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