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  1. How 57 is the hardest position? Is not so easy but after b:f6 b:f6 be4 white will play c3 with kne5 and in this end the knight will be better than the bishop an if black will capture the knight white will have better some structure, I am agree that this doesn't looks great but I didn't found better idea.
    Black also want go knd5 with good position and I feel that after c4 dr is weak and c5 will be crushing.

  2. I think that you missed the hidden idea in 58, after kng7 b:g7 kg6 bh8 kf7 kd7 kg8 key k:h8 kf7 doing stalemate! I thinks that after b:g7 you need go by b:h8 and you will winning this end either if black will try to defend f6 or either he will try take c5.
    Maybe I am wrong and sory on my bad english and on that I was wrote too Much.

  3. In 62 after rg7+ kh8 you can't go b:e5 because after q:c2 white losing(the bishop is treating) but rg7 is right because after kh8 r:h7+ is winning for white.

  4. In position 66 I thinks qb2 is better than qb4 because the idea Ra3 Rc3 is very powerful hear.
    Edit: yeah, the computer agree with me that qb2 is the best move

  5. 71. I think you got it wrong because after qb3 rf8 bd2 black has qa4.
    My solution is bd2 b4 b:f7+ k:f7 qb3+ kf8 kng5 and I think that you saw that but you just was tired.
    The moves order important hear because when bd2 is the first move white cant play qa4 because bb3 and the queen trapped.

  6. I made the test prior to watching your video. I had no patience and went over the whole thing in just over 10 minutes. I made 3 illegal moves (misclick) and got a rating of 1865 (95% confidence). I think this is okayish for me, I'm pretty nervous OTB and had about 1700 in tournaments about 15 years ago when I stopped playing (15 min games). About 2 years ago I started to play occasionally on the internet. Lichess puzzle rating is 2050, bullet 1950, blitz 1800. I have ADHD that makes me bad at longer games.
    I hope this info helps.

  7. I did the test first, seriously and got 1844….my blitz ratting has been hovering around 1380 for the last couple of years. I only ever play 30 mins rated. I suppose this is an estimate of potential. I am glad you did the teat because it gave me a chance to see which ones I got wrong. It doesn't tell me what I need to to do get up to that rating (1800). overall very interesting, thanks.

  8. I had 1584 with 95% confidence interval between 1355 and 1655. That is a very bad result but yeah I'm still learning chess.

  9. Based on your move choices, our estimate of your Elo rating is 2560, with a 95% confidence interval of [2375…2744].

    My FIDE rating is not really representing my actual level cause I havent played much officialy during the last 10years but its 2087.
    My rankin on Lichess is around 2450 in blitz and 2700 in tactics ( got 2300 on chesstempo).
    I put 0 0 0 to all the question to avoid any use of the informations to make the rating looks alright.

    I Havent look this video before the test cause not fun to have the answer.

    Overall the puzzles was pretty simple… When its forced mate, was easy. When it was endgames was pretty okay to find and when its equal and you just have to take a decision for a plan then its seems to be a bit random not one good answer but many choices…

    I am pretty sure that you cannot evaluate someone rating with such puzzles. Cause some player are really strong in the openings, some are good in middle games, some are really strong in endgames, some are good on 2 but really bad at one …

    Anyway was pretty fun but have some doubts about the 2560 ahaha

  10. I’m 1636 fide and I just got 2134 (before watch your video). I’m gonna claim I’m underrated now

  11. I'll have to try it again but back in January, within a week or 2 of getting into chess, I tried this out and got ~1850 or so. I had only done some chess puzzles for practice on chesstempo at the time and had played a few games on I highly doubt my elo was accurate at that time but I have improved dramatically since then and look forward to seeing what has changed when I have the time. My rating in classical was 1100-1200 at the time on at that time and ~1400-1500 on lichess. Now they are 1500 on and 1850 on lichess.

  12. I got 1783 for my rating seems about right, though I never got any real rating, I do think I am 1850 rated and that the 1783 is a tad low, as I did not spend that much time with the test.

  13. "Based on your move choices, our estimate of your Elo rating is 2168, with a 95% confidence interval of [2038…2299]. " An estimate too high.

  14. My lichess overall rating is about 1450, but elometer told me my Elo was about 1751. I assume that's because I tried quite hard on elometer, but usually just play chess to relax.

  15. "Based on your move choices, our estimate of your Elo rating is 1949, with a 95% confidence interval of [1824…2073]." Very strange when my highest rating on chess(.)com is 1480. Never having played over the board it's still a possible outcome, but i'm still not sure it's very accuart.
    Nice channel Eric love the content!

  16. I have a FIDE rating 1749 and my result was 2002. I wasn‘t even in confidence Intervall. On the other hand I once beated a russian international master with 2310 FIDE. I assume my play depends on my mood too much. Or do you have an another explanation?

  17. I got 2119, and dont have official rating. On lichess my clasical is 1843, and on my rapid is 1689.

  18. I think this looks like a good and accurate test and thanks for highlighting it.

    I got 1521 and was happy to get more than 1500.

    They should maybe say something about how much time they think you "should" use on the test.

  19. 1741 elo rating last january i had no idea what chess is lol seems good to me ..

  20. I got a rating of 1911 with only a year of playing seriously, 1 rated tournament and just online videos. My official rating is 1253 but I’ve only played in one tournament and it was against U1300’s. What should my actual rating be?
    (It took me 1h 10m btw)

  21. I took the test in a way that I would play it online… not much thinking, looking for a puzzle. And I got the same rating I got on lichess. I guess you can get a higher rating if you really try hard to find the solution considering the fact it doesn't have a timer. Which it really should have.

  22. I got 1890 , never get any lessons , never read a chess book and never played on a tournament . Just playing with friends and family is that good ? I am not sure if this is a real test 😛

  23. On problem 34 at 16:46, if Re4, bishop takes, queen takes queen f6, isnt rook e1 mate for black? What am i missing? Thanks.

  24. Got 1958. Quite confident in the tactics puzzles but the positional ones, I have no idea what to play. I always suck at making positional advantages which hampers my tactical chances. Any tips?

  25. im pretty sure this overrated me by about 400 points, but i do practice lots of puzzles

  26. this is more of a test of how hard you're trying, you'd think it would need to be timed

  27. i got Fatal test exception encountered. Test halted. 3 times in a row now, i give up

  28. Anybody else getting a fatal test exception error? The site is broken for me.

  29. This rated me 1480 but current computer I play against says 1000.

  30. 37:00, puzzle 54/76: I think you forgot to ask yourself whether White has en passant rights. (You asked whether players had castling rights in another problem). I played exf6 en passant when I took the test. The test allowed it. It looks good with Nh4 follow-up.

  31. I suggest the reason why we're getting rated higher than what we achieve OTB is that we arrive at each position when a lot of the hard work been done. Here there are no opening traps to fall into, no squeezes put on us by higher rated players (or engines) and no time pressure, just three practicalities. In fact many of us dip out in practice since although we (I mean people like me!) may often be sharp enough to see the tactics, we don't do strategy nearly so well. I get better results at Lichess than a player of my ability should, but don't kid myself I could stand up against a 2000 rated opponent!

  32. I get 2854, i don't get it, i'm just a basic norvegian world champion…

  33. I'm rated around 1900 and it seemed to think I was 2103

  34. 53: Black wants to play G5. H4 is prophylactic.
    61: Bg2 wins.
    68: Qb4 loses c2, Qb2 defends.
    70: 1: A5 Nc8 , 2:A6 Nxd6 3: dxe6? why not axb7. A5 right idea tho.
    71: Qd3 is more resourceful after bxf7 sac in some lines. 1: Qd3 Nxd5 and black is ok. 1: Bd2 is winning

  35. Okay, so I took the test, I've never played tournaments or have an actual rating, but I do like to watch and learn, I got a 1757 (1620-1890 rating confidence)

  36. My chess com blitz rating is less than a thousand but I got 1747 interval of 1613 and 1880, seems pretty high for me

  37. They ask for your ratings so they can do prior probability calculations. It's kind of a starting point for their estimate of your skill.
    I felt the same way you did that the beginning of it was fun, but by puzzle 76 in was a pure grind just to get to the ratings page. It gave me a rating of about 2000, which I think is higher than my real rating. But maybe it's accurate as a puzzle rating because I like doing chess puzzles more than playing matches.

  38. I played chess most lunchtimes at school in 1979-1980 (never studying any theory) and haven't played more than a couple of games since (and those mostly against kids). I have watched a few kingcrusher and agadmator videos in the last year, mostly with Alpha Zero or lc0. Anyway, I spent from 1:00 AM to 4:50 AM on this, which is almost exactly 3 minutes each on average. Dog tired and just wanting it to end for the last two hours. Result: 1732

  39. I don't play chess seriously, got an estimated 1610, no idea what that means

  40. My USCF is 1500 and it gave me 1977 with 95% confidence interval 1850-2100ish. It’s probably off as I definitely don’t compare to actual 1900s at my chess club

  41. How do you know if you answered correct or not?

  42. 1:31:31 did you lie about your age? because it says lifetime (since 1991) and u answered 24…

  43. I'm rated 1460 in blitz, but I got 1907 on elometer. I really need to study openings and endgames more

  44. I’m rated 1000 on Lichess bullet, I’ve been playing chess seriously for literally like 2-3 weeks, but I got a 1432 on this, and I didn’t know any of the tactics.

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