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Apologies for the sporadic audio issues… I’m still learning!

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  1. About 800 points away from my actual rating(in reality got 1700 points but the elometer estimated that I've got 2500 points)

  2. Mine was way off. I preform at only about 1200 but it put me at 1750

  3. 10:11 how is that winning the queen? doesn't black king just take back on d6?

  4. even though i do well in puzzles i cannot play live chess well
    the site showed me a rating of 1500-1600
    buy i lose tomplayers who are 1250

  5. My online rating is ~1350, but it guess me at about 1950…. Fat the whuck!

  6. This elo-meter gave me 600 point higher estimated rating than my actual rating. It gave me 1800+ while i am merely 1200

  7. Looked like the same problems to me, also thanks for going through the whole test and sharing! (1609, 95% confident-I have nothing to campare rating with)

  8. I love how it took me 5 minutes of thinking to be confident in knight f6 for puzzle 25 and took you 10 seconds and you said it took you a while LOL

  9. Wow, I got a wopping 1768 and my chess com blitz is about1200. I play a lot of tactic trainer though

  10. I spend 30 minutes for the entire test i was clicking sometime randomly cause i was bored a little i get 1 lesson in m'y entire life and spend maybe 10 hours playing chess in my entire life and i got 1422 elo what does it mean should i spend more time learning chess or playing ???

  11. Woah, you're only a year older than me >.> Well then…

  12. 1950, with a 95% confidence interval of [1825…2074]

    I only played one tournament in my life, 3 or 4 years ago. Got 1600 ELO there, although I felt I was around 1850 level, just made stupid blunders. Because nerves.

  13. Wooow thats my university! We are rellevant!

  14. I got 1736
    But my chess. Com rating is around 1200
    I didn't give them the data of my online forums rating of chess

  15. I enjoyed pausing the video everytime a new position came up and I'm fairly happy with what I found: Also because I every now and then found other strong solutions!
    It's not about "being right". It's not about "numbers" or stupid machines telling you how good you are.
    It's about ENJOYING working out "best move" in any position!
    If you don't enjoy playing a game, you should find something else to do.

  16. 1646(95% confidence interval of 1504…1788) , for someone that hasn’t played any tournaments, I think I ain’t bad

  17. Well, I got a 1894 score, when I would see myself somewhere between 1500-1600 (I'm a 55 year old casual player). It's a pity the author of this "elometer" doesn't ask us what we think of our result, for it looks very overestimated.

  18. Great video! I stumbled upon this and decided to take the test before watching. I scored 2239. I found it instructional to see you solve these after I had my own struggle with it. There were some puzzles that I had a completely different idea (probably wrong idea) but I enjoyed seeing your thought process. Great video!

  19. 24? I thought you were 29/30 !

  20. מיסטעריע английский says:

    Took same test, a little quicker but a lot lower rating, of course…. 1673. Not so bad for a Fish but fun…

  21. Holy hell. I spent like a couple hours or something, got halfway through and my session crashed and I have to do it ALL over again 🙁

  22. I did this about a year ago and got 1730 as my elo rating (my actual blitz rating was around 1320 at the time). I just retried it and my elo rating increased by the same amount I have improved since (my current rating is 1560, and my elo rating was 1950). Just thought this was an interesting coincidence.

  23. Elometer gave me a 1683 rating…. Why ??? Because I have "practiced" these kind of puzzles (White to move) for 40 years. I guess I feel much less intimidated and thus freer to make moves I would never, ever make when playing. When I play, at no matter at speed, I am in the 1100-1200 range

  24. I got 1700s, even though my lichess rating is 1500 tops. I don't think it is accurate.

  25. I did this in March 2020. I am fairly new to chess (maybe 18months playing online). I am rated about 1700 (classical) on Lichess but that has been slowly increasing these past couple of months.

    ELO said that my rating is 1810 with a 95% confidence interval of [1680-1940].

    I think it seems about right as I estimate that I will be that rating in approx a month in online chess… I just need to play more (and continue with a high win rate)

  26. lol 2423 is actually your highest fide rating 😀

  27. WAIT!

    His name is "ERIC S ROSEN"


  28. 44:33 Ng7 Bxg7 h8(Ф)!! You can not win just taking Bishop on h8 because Black king is coming and protecting g7/g8

  29. i clicked this vid, then the link and more clicking tru (too long imho), fill out questions and email, now returning to ER session … i bet he will beat my score by 100 points … will update after his session 🙂

  30. dude just found this… the problems were the same but were in different order… anyway i got an elo 1663 but it gives you a standand deviation up and one down so … really cool cant believe i scored that high i dont play that much anymore… wow

  31. I played this before watching the video. I got 1900 elo (1774-2026 with 95% certainty). My actual blitz rating on chess. com is between 1600 and 1700. Although, my rapid rating is between 1800 and 1990

  32. it is not accurate at all if u just play nc6 takes fucking king a1 it will give you a 1400 rating i just did that today played not a single legal move

  33. Oh dammit i played bh3 on problem 37 thinking I had the queen trapped or else a mate, didn't see the mate threat from black

  34. I dont play people (except my friend) but I got 1750. I was very surprised. I feel like if I learned openings and defenses I'd be golden. I also make a lot of horrible blunders under time constraints

  35. It said I am 2292 but I dont think that I am that strong

  36. I started playing chess a month ago and got a 1721 ELO rating. I don't have a lot of experience (obviously) but love doing puzzles, so I guess I already have a good understanding of fundamental tactics.

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