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Recently I took the “Chess Personality” quiz (), and a couple subscribers suggested that I take the quiz as well. It was fun and challenging!

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  1. You are 6 points better then I am according to this research. I am not even close to IM title. I guess so..)))

  2. I often posed the video & tried my own and I was correct in some of your moves some moves different than you and finally some of moves I could find but you not

  3. **SPOILER**

    3:35 1.Qh8+!! Kxh8 2.Bf6+ Kg8 3.Rd8+ gg
    7:28 Totally missed 1.Rd8+! Bxd8 2.Qe8# on this one!

  4. I was surprised you missed Rd8 xD. Anyways, I think they designed this test with the purpose of testing pattern recognition which 'usually' is a fairly strong indicator of strength.. I didn't like it. Quit after I timed out on a few problems. -_- Maybe a minute would be a better medium place for the timing? Anyways, fun video. Clearly they have a bit more work to do though, seeing as you're a strong IM that they way underrated.

  5. Oh boy. That was SO fast! O_O pretty darn impressive John!

  6. my result 1717 . in lichess i have 1500 in standard chess

  7. I just did it now and I got 1532, and I could have sworn when I did this before last year I got 1250 or so. Neat stuff.

  8. 1705 here. Haven't played chess over the board in almost 20 years, but last time I played I seem to remember ELO 1450 was my peak. Maybe watching Fins videos while at work has had an effect. Or maybe it was all that coffee I had beforehand. 🙂

  9. I'm pretty sure the speed of your responses do have an impact on your results. And the speed was intentional, they want to see what your first instincts are in the position

  10. idk how accurate this is. I got 1769 from this, and I've never broken 1350 on blitz.

  11. That was fun. Thanks for sharing the quiz. I scored 1722, missing lots of those tricks. Cool to see your thought process and how you saw things in real time compared to how I did. I'm sure I could use some work on my tactics, and also focus under pressure.

    I think it's a great idea to share some problems and then solve them this way.

  12. I got 1529, with the 95% confidence interval between 1298 and 1760. That can't be right, my rating on for standard chess has never been higher than 1150. 😀

  13. Hey! A got short above 1600! I soo bad. 🙁

  14. I got 1789!! and my lichess bullet raiting is 2000 and my real elo is 1771

  15. Haha, nice one! I got 1664, never been closer to you in rating John! 😉 Kinda scam quiz though, so i don't know if i really can trust this.. Fun video!

  16. On the puzzle at 3:28 Qh8+ wins, because after …Kxh8, Bg6+ Kg8, Rd8#

  17. Wow, I got 1750 on this when my actual rating is about 300 points more than that 🙂

  18. I got 2278. But that slick Rxa6 tactic is either identical or very similar to a famous Bronstein game, maybe against Flohr or Mikenas, I can't remember. I think they just reversed the colors to make it White to move, as Bronstein was Black and played …Rxa3. Makes me wonder if studies like these should use famous examples or not. 😉

  19. Many responses seem to show an inflated rating for weaker players and a deflated one for stronger players like John. My results were 1725 [1500 … 1900] where I've had no formal training and I'm only rated in at 1300. As much as I'd like to say I've improved that much from watching John's videos, among others, I think the study is not as accurate as I wish it was. Still a fun video John, it adds interesting variety to the channel. I'd like to see these kind of videos coming sporadically.

  20. I got 1647…after seeing your result though I'm 95% confident that I can perform higher :). I feel some of the moves were highly tactical and 30 seconds was not enough; I left 3 unanswered because of that. I recommend visiting the site prior to watching the video (as I did) cause the questions are the same and someone might take the test with some bias after watching your video. Great stuff, thanks for uploading, Cheers!

  21. I got 1997 but after watching your result I don't believe in the test result anymore. Also I don't have a FIDE rating so I am clueless. I am 1400 at blitz and 1700 standart.
    I have to say tho, that I think I solved two tests that you didn't ha ha.
    Test 7:20 in particular, and at 12:40 I saw Be8 but I am not sure it works but it seems better than your try with Qa5+ and I'm too lazy to check with the engine.

     Fun video, thanks for sharing.

  22. Got 1733.. I'm around 1650+ classical in lichess, and 1500 blitz, so the result is inflated, but I'm still happy for having a test pass me for 1700 after 8 months of playing

  23. I'm rated 1108, and I was estimated at being between 1457-1882. I don't exactly know how that's possible but okay.

  24. I followed the link to the endgame knowledge quiz in the results page. It is quite interesting.

  25. In the problem at 3:20, I think the answer was Qh8+ followed by Bf6 and Rd8#

  26. 1671 for me, which came as a bit of a surprise as my blitz is sub 1,000!

  27. So… I am about 1150, and it put me at about 1500. Not too bad.

  28. Im a online only player that began to study chess by myself (9 months) with YT vids and (90% fins vids and 10% carlsen, nakas analysis) and i got
    1629, with a 95% confidence interval of [1411…1846].
    with my blitz rating being 900~ im very happy hahhahaha

  29. BTW, John, do you believe you are better than your 2448 Elo? I think you are! 🙂

  30. Did anyone try to input all the correct answers (checked by engine), see what the rating says? (I did but I only engine-checked the positions I wasn't sure, I got 2351. So I guess I was wrong on a few positions where I was sure)

  31. It said 1704, my rating on an app called "Chess Time" on which I have over 200 games is around 1450 with a peak of 1520. I don't think I'm a 1700 player

  32. 12:59, I think maybe Re3 might be good enough, try to remove the queen's checks. I'm not sure that we're really worried about perpetual check in that scenario, but I like doubling down e file.

  33. I think it over rated me a bit, I got a score of 1498 with a 95% confidence interval of [1262…1763]. I never play anything faster than 15|10 and 30|0 and my current standard rating is roughly 1100. Since this survey is pretty blitzy I naturally should have gotten a lower rating. The survey from almost 2 years ago estimates that my blitz score would be ~800, my USCF score to be ~900 and my FIDE score to be ~1200. and because it's from 2 years ago even that might not be that accurate but it looks more right to me. I'm also certain that at least 2 moves on my survey didn't register properly. lol

    All of that aside, I love surveys like these.

  34. Some may find illuminating my experience after almost 50 years layoff. I quit playing in 1969 at age 18 because of college and graduate school. I was about 2100 USCF rating in high school. Won the Phoenix Open 5-0, and was Arizona State High School champion.

    So…. after about 46 years without any practice, I paused the video and splat 1858 > 1641>1425 for standard deviations and mean. I guess I am kind of rusty after almost 50 years of chess inactivity. Interestingly, I tried the LiChess tactics trainer a month ago and got to 2100 in their tactics rating…in a day or two. Anyone else have the long-layoff experience?


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