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Recently I took the “Chess Personality” quiz (), and a couple subscribers suggested that I take the quiz as well. It was fun and challenging!

Take the quiz for yourself:


  1. Personally, I wouldn't have had the patience to answer too many questions at the end…oh well.

  2. LOL I AM 1000 in for 10 minutes games, and I GOT 1525 XD

  3. My standard rating on is about 900. Been playing correspondence for about a month now, nothing else. Apparently this quiz thinks my rating is at least 1650. I suppose, I'm flattered.

  4. they probably woulda rated you higher if you gave them your email address.

  5. 1842 [1650…2035]. Good for my ego, but clearly overinflated. I don't even play blitz except against stockfish in lichees, and only very recently I started playing 3'+2" games.

  6. I foretold the word Elometer even before I saw it here.

  7. Based on your move choices, our estimate of your Elo rating is 1576, with a 95% confidence interval of [1352…1801]. My actual rating is also around same level! 🙂

  8. 1700 rating from Quiz, Am an unrated Chess player with 5 games experience and no studying.

  9. Apparently I am 1800 and my ratings for blitz has never really crossed 1500. Plus I don't calculate thoroughly, just play moves that I think are good.

  10. "Based on your move choices, our estimate of your Elo rating is 1617, with a 95% confidence interval of [1398…1836]." Wow. That's way more than I expected. I have a feeling it's not accurate but hey, I'm flattered! I mean, it's not super good but it's way above what I think I am. Perhaps I'm not very good at openings but I'm good at spotting maneuvers in an already existing position, which may be why I did well in the test but don't do as well in actual games.

  11. Hahahaha, I took this test before watching the video and it estimated my rating at 1910. Not even close. My rating at last check was 1241. I can recognize some patterns and that's probably why I did well, but still, no.

  12. Just took it and got 2136 with a 95% confidence interval of [1954…2317].; I also took it a few months earlier and got 2000 something

  13. is second position Bronstein – Tartakower game 1.Qe4 or something like that?

  14. 1850. I used to be 1800 and that was in 1980! So probably an over-estimate.

    My OTB skills are very rusty espec openings, So I think my OTB would be lower. Right ball park though.

  15. 1758 with 95% interval 1556-1959

    I don't have a "real" rating but play a lot of blitz online. Never been a member of a club or anything like that. 1758 seems awfully high.

  16. You're lucky to live in the US, have the USCF and FIDE is very active in the US. There are also many chess schools. In Hong Kong chess isn't so recognized.

  17. I got 1780. I don't have an official rating but that seems fairly accurate. Eventhough I'm very sure that given more time I would have performed a lot better on that test. 30 seconds is really really not enough for me to calculate.

  18. I managed to get a higher rating than John 😉

    2329 estimate (I'm low 2100s USCF)

  19. I'm rated like 623 on (have been playing chess for literally 2 days) and this site estimated my rating at 1420…. I think it's fair to say this site isn't the most accurate haha.

  20. Lame test in my opinion. No good directions given at beginning and they stuck a bunch of annoying questions at the end. Also it is more how you do in blitz than overall chess. Many people are bad at blitz and much better at long time controls.

  21. 12:39. Maybe Be8 threatening mate after Qd7 so black has to take with …Re8?

  22. I got " Based on your move choices, our estimate of your Elo rating is 1561, with a 95% confidence interval of [1334…1788]" My rating is currently at 1359 on so maybe I do have way more potential. I'm 18 now. Hopefully I'll get to 1800 some day.

  23. 1959! My actual fide rating is 1615 so… Not even close!

  24. 13:15 Rxc5 Rxc5 Kc6, if he must sac the rook for the pawn the enemy king is too far gone for defense

  25. Im not sure if this is correct
    i did this and they said that im 1630 but im around 1200-1300

  26. according to this test i got just below 1500 however my chess dot com blitz rating is approx. 1200-1250

  27. Haha I got 1924 that is like 200 – 250 points high.

  28. I'm actually a 1900 USCF so not so far off I guess

  29. This is totally wrong. My FIDE rating is 1412 and I think my playing strength is no more than 1700. However this quiz says I'm rated around 2000!!

  30. the rating it gives will be a estimated blitz rating and nothing to do with a standard rating is my guess

  31. It said my rating was 1811. I started playing chess yesterday, for the first time since I learned how to play since I was about 10. I don't think it's very accurate.

  32. It gave me an estimated rating of 1600 which is laughably high as I haven't played in decades and I still blunder pieces with incredible speed and accuracy.

  33. it said 1793 for me, I ballsed up at least one for sure where I accidentally hung mate in one for sure. I just do not like the 30 seconds for a move.

  34. A test set up like this could only test blitz skills in the first place. Sitting down for 2 hours each puzzling out your own strategy is just vastly different from playing blitz games.

    This also completely negates any opening knowledge which makes some people definitely makes some players stronger than based purely on their analytical skills.

  35. This test is worthless. I defy you to try to get a rating below 900. I don't play chess/play chess exceptionally badly and I got over 950, while letting time lapse on most questions because I have no frigging clue. Tell me, how can I be 950+ when I'd be odds on to lose to the random novice 6 year old?

    Maybe it rates good players more accurately, but if you're a 1600, don't you already know your rating? Isn't it designed for patzers to find out where they'd be starting if they played chess?

  36. i paused the video exactly before you said, that i'd be recommended to pause the video and take the test for ourselves (:

  37. 1541, most of the time I didn't see any good move to do, just like in real matches 😀

  38. Here's a Little Story: My father taught me the rules of chess when I was pretty young but I actually never understood the game, for ex. I didn't know that castling is crucial during a game. In the early 2016 I then went to a psychiatric clinic and I didn't have much to do the whole day, so I grabbed a chess board and started playing with other patients. And to be honest I fell in love with chess on the second glance if you will. I rapidly improved my game, I almost practiced chess obsessively and made quite incredible Progress in less than two months. I then came home and absolutely wanted to keep chess for my life, as it allows me to sink in another world for a moment. Since I couldn't join a club that fast, I started playing some Blitz games on but I lost 70% of the games. I quickly lost my confidence and thought that I wasn't a good chess Player at all. I must admit that I was way too strict with myself, remember I actually started to play real chess only this year. But still, the confidence I gained in those two months when I rapidly improved and studied my chess games, disappeared the more I lost. My Blitz rating sank to 899 and I thought this couldn't be. And now I took this test and thought my answers were disastrous. To my big surprise my rating was estimated at almost 1600! Eventhough this program might not be that accurate, it somehow gave me confidence againg, because I think that the program can surely well recognise some ideas a player has, and maybe ideas I wouldn't have found if I didn't start playing real chess. I finally must admit to myself that those few months of intense practicing certainly showed results and this simply makes me happy, because it remembers me that I got to know chess from a completely different side. And I know that with further practicing I will get to know even more sides of the game, which makes it even more attractive to me. Chess really changed a part of my life, and this quick test reminded me that it was a good decision and that I have no reason to have no self-confidence!

  39. On the 3rd one I believe the solution was Qh8+ Kxh8 Bf6 Kg8 Rd8#

  40. John, I know you were under time pressure, but you have missed @3:10 a simple mate in three… queen to h8, bishop to f6 and rook to d8 mate.

    P.S. I am no expert whatsoever, i have not read any chess book in my life, i know no theory.. i just like playing for fun..
    And i just did the test before watching your video, and my rating was a moderate 1844

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