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Recently I took the “Chess Personality” quiz (), and a couple subscribers suggested that I take the quiz as well. It was fun and challenging!

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  1. 1650's, although my rating is 1400. I suppose calculating deeper and more precise accounted for the extra 200 points.

  2. 2014 [1889 – 2138]?!? IMO that's a serious overestimate – I mean if not for blundering in time pressure I would've beaten a expert a few years ago OTB, but I know I still have a looooong way to go before I get my USCF that high!

  3. after 76 questions i got a 1500 rating. pretty close but i think i coulda gotten higher except i started getting tired of all the problems. some of them took me a while to calculate

  4. I did this same test but actually I was not time limited plus I had to solve 76 problems so it did take a while. Is there anyone else here who wasn't time limited and had to solve more problems? note: I used mobile phone instead of a computer for this quizz.

  5. got a 1683 rating, thats pretty nice, i dont play chess in a club or learned it from anyone, just some self-taught stuff, watching Grand Prix and some other online stuff
    wut i watched your video afterwards and realized that they cut out the time limit and increased the amount of questions to 76, so it actually took me quite a while doing this 🙂

  6. So… The test asks you for rating information before giving you their estimate of your rating.

  7. mty elo rating on chess,com is 1600 blitz and I got 1705 score on here, seemed pretty reasonable..:)

  8. 2140 I don't have any kind of rating and have not played OTB so hard to tell.

    2200ish on Blitz on

  9. Finally took it and got 2423 with a 95% confidence interval of 2258-2588, which I think is seriously wrong. My rating (granted I'm coming on my 6 year chessiversary for competitive play) is just north of 1900 USCF, even though my knowledge level is higher. I think it helped that I have seen roughly 25 or so of these in my private study (through Blokh's 'Combinative Motifs' book or a tactics trainer, or endgame studies/ Dvoretsky's endgame manual etc) and that many could just be calculated by brute force.

  10. Imo the problem with this test is that is only taking care of raw skills after the opening stage is done. So a lot of people can train tactics and know some ideas and get a mostly good given rating based on that….while in real life the same person can never reach such positions since they blunder the opening to start with. I got 1830 in the test but in i have 1420 and in chess24 1650 approx (i go from 1450 to 1750 even in the same day)

  11. I took the test today (a year after the video was made) and now there are 60+ positions, and no timer. Also there is a link at the end to a new endgame position quiz, which gives analysis and says right/wrong for each question at the end of the quiz.

  12. I don't think the quiz is very accurate on I am about 1100, but this said I was 1670

  13. Since John Bartholomew did the video here, the Elometer test has increased to 76 questions and they have done away with the timer, so you can take your time on figuring out the answers. I have not played chess seriously ever and now my children are playing chess at school, so I thought I would dust off the old chess skills from 20 years ago. My Elometer Elo score was 1459, which may be a little bit high for me, but it does give me hope of doing better.

  14. My result were 2578, the interval was 2394 – 2762, but this is the results from the latest elometer not the old version you played on…. I had to do 76 questions, no timer and I finished it all in more or less an hour, the questions varied in strength.

  15. My result is 1921Not true at all i learned chess 2 years ago so i guess it is not real for me

  16. ELO estimation: 1445

    I never played chess for serious and I have no official rating or chess category. Is my score good? Should I try some "serious" chess?

  17. I got a rating of 2000, but my blitz rating on is 1160. I solve a lot of tactical puzzles and my tactics rating on is 1900 but for some reason I suck on the actual game of chess. Any ideas on how to get better?

  18. I got a 1448 but my standard rating on is only 1015… I lose a lot due to blundered openings. I guess it's time to study.

  19. I dont think the test is accurate. I got a 1761, but I highly doubt if I'm that good. I can only beat Magnus age 8 on the play magnus app, and my rating is just 1400+ on the chess time app.

  20. " your Elo rating is 1666, with a 95% confidence interval of [1525…1806]. " . Considering I never play chess anymore, I'm happy with that haha

  21. i got 1726 which means i'm half as smart as the world champion, ty

  22. i found this very nice although while i was giving test there was no time limit..i got 1961 rating..basically i am non rated player..i gona try my son who is 5 year old with around 1400 uscf.

  23. 1822, way overblown for me. Although I need to say that I used a ton of time on problems and not skim through them like John. Now I wonder what my daily chess rating would be.

  24. I got 2235 but the quiz changed (76 problems no time limit), im just 1780 but i have been training.

  25. i got 2330 but ive never played chess before… is this good? ive got an iq of 187

  26. "Based on your move choices, our estimate of your Elo rating is 1578, with a 95% confidence interval of [1429…1727]."

    Started playing chess about a month ago. If anyone wants to battle it out on the board invite me on, my name is A-Wolff. I play some interesting games but the only openings I know are Bishops Opening and the sneaky Hippo Defence :d I will accept all challenges. (Here is one of my best games that ended in a mate after 11 moves vs 1800 player) I think this was quite an interesting game where I managed to capitalise quite well off of my opponents mistakes.

  27. i took the test and i got 2069 elo but im only about 1650 elo. it's not a very accurate test.

  28. I did the test before watching. My test had 76 exercises and no time counter! I don't understand. However, I did it part by part on a 3 nights run. I really put my brains into it, some exercises I just did right out of the bat, less than 10 seconds, others I really thought for about 15, 20 minutes or more. I got 2066 and I'm really satisfied by the result. Thanks John for bringing the test to us. I wonder why yours had time counter and 34 lessons only?

  29. Based on your move choices, our estimate of your Elo rating is 2045, with a 95% confidence interval of [1921…2170].


  30. The test has changed a lot since you made the video. It is now 76 questions without timer. I did it before I watched how you solved the problems.

    Taking it seriously, spending up to ten minutes on some hard problems, it can take a long time, and I almost gave up. But I finished and got 1382, which seems high. I've played non-seriously off and on throughout the years, and picked the game up again about a month ago, watching quite some videos and doing tactics training on Lichess.

  31. I got 1333 and I just made random moves even if the moves were impossible lol

  32. Thanks for this. It was good fun, and interesting to do. My result was 1971 [1847-2096] on taking the 76 question non-timed version. I don't know how that is for a pensioner just doing a few problems now and then plus watching videos on channels such as this. Subscribed!

  33. I had 1942 estimate. My real strenght is 1705. Could you John please analyze on video some of your game or games, when you were around 1700-1800?

  34. 2:30 that was a horrible move you just sacrificed your rook and have nothing to take back with

  35. What's the solution at 10:13?
    John, it wrote the rating was 2218, but since yours is 2240,supposedly it doesn't work properly. My real rating is in the 2000-2050 range. However, after writing the e-mail, probably it raised the rating…just a bit! 😀

  36. lol i have never played chess and i clicked through randomly and it gave me 1300..i'm definitely not anywhere above 3 digit ratings

  37. there are 76 questions now and it isn't timed anymore

  38. I don't know why, but I didn't have a timer and I got 1420 elo, although my elo on is 850 lol

  39. 7:36 you almost saw it lol its rook d8 if bishop takes checkmate with the queen and if rook takes, winning the queen

  40. Just for fun i used stockfish 8 and it gave estimated rating of 1850

  41. I scored 1902 but they threw 76 problems at me and wasnt really geared up for so many right now and just whizzed though many as i was expecting 34.Anyway interesting thanks and now i will watch the rest of your video.Also i didnt really like the interrogation at the end lol.

  42. Got 1920 when thinking and being pretty sure that I am like a 1500-1600 peasant. Any thoughts on the current versions accuracy?

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