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Recently I took the “Chess Personality” quiz (), and a couple subscribers suggested that I take the quiz as well. It was fun and challenging!

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  1. Saw the thumbnail today, 3/17/2017, and jumped to the site. There are now 76 chess problems instead of 34.

  2. Got rated 1795 and my chess rating is 442, and i didn't use any help

  3. I have a 1805 blitz rating currently on, and it gave me a 95% confidence of 1850 elo rating. I think the new 76 questions is much more accurate

  4. I scored only about 1600 at this test. I got only few of them correct. The minimal score is about 1400.

  5. I've tried it for the second time and have tried it harder, spending about 2 hours solving it. My score has improved by 200 points, 1862. That's pretty good for me. I'm glad with it.

  6. 3:13 – this move was wrong, but better than bishop to f6. You can checkmate it right away with Queen to h8.

  7. my blitz on is 1000 or so. Elometer predicted me at 1800. Maybe i need to play longer games?

  8. I took it yesterday–5/2/2017, and there were 76 questions and no time limit. I'm way down in the 1300-1400 range, though.

  9. Awesome video @IM John Bartholomew. I absolutely love your videos and hope that you can find more time to keep producing more of them. So before I watched this video, of course went on that site and took the test. I was hoping to get about a 2000 Elo as my rating online varies depending on sites, but usually is somewhere between 1800-2100, and it is funny how back when I was around 18-20, I used to play a lot on WorldChessNetwork, and my 1 minute rating was between 2200-2435, and now that I'm 32, I got so slow and can barely play bullet, though I believe overall my chess knowledge got significantly stronger. Also on my tactic trainer rating is between 2000-2260, and my lesson rating is between 2000-2100, so I that is why I hoped to get at least 2000 on this test. To my surprise, I actually scored an Elo of 2111 with a 95% confidence that it is between (1966-2268) which was a overall pretty awesome result. Of course my test differed than yours. My test actually had 76 questions instead of only 34, and mine didn't have timer, though I can assure you I didn't spend more than a couple minutes at max on a move and mostly around 30-60seconds just as I do on tactic trainer. Also a cool thing was that all the 34 plus two warm-up problems you had were part of the 76 plus one warm-up I had, and it was awesome to see that I do get a lot of them correct and answered the same as you, and I actually got a couple correct that you didn't that actually came to me super quickly, which were the two you gave answers too afterwards in your comment section. Also, I believe it was your last problem, the one where you thought to sac the rook takes pawn, queen takes the pawn, then you push the pawn checking the king and freeing your light squared bishsop and then you said that the black queen goes back and recaptures that pawn, and you play your queen down and check the king picking up blacks bishop, and I. pretty sure that that was the correct idea, but your variation gives up a rook and pawn for a bishop, but if you moved your queen up to the left behind the pawn that was to the left side of black's king which your light squared bishop was eying, you'd be attacking his light squared bishsop and his only move to save it would be to move it all the to the left of his king, and then you do that rook sac his queen takes rook, you push pawn check, and if he takes back with his queen, now your queen can take that pawn which now is also attacked by the bishop and that's mate I believe, and if he takes back with the king and not the queen, then you just capture his king.
    Sorry about not remembering the exact coordinates that the pieces were on, but I think you might remember the position I'm talking about and I think you might understand what I'm trying to explain.

    Anyways, thanks a lot for the videos.

  10. Based on your move choices, our estimate of your Elo rating is 1541, with a 95% confidence interval of [1388…1694].

    i dont have an official rating yet but ill be getting one soon ill update comment when i do

  11. I got 2532 with IC of [2349,2715] BUT I took my time to solve all the problems. I did in about 1 hour. I didn't see any time bar when I tryed. Unfortunately I don't have FIDE, but I think that John was too fast. And In my case I did 76 tests.

  12. My friend had me do this without having any understanding of chess beyond how the pieces can move and the goal being to checkmate the opposing king. I got 1750. I wasn't guessing, but I really don't think this test is any good considering my performance given my lack of experience.

  13. JOHn why? u always say to continue a varaition one move afetr u stop and u didnt! 7:46 You found the answer! Rd8! If bxd8 then qe8 is mate! if rxtehn queen hangs! why john why? lol

  14. At 13:40 your reasoning was if they promote you can fork them, however would they not predict the fork and promote to knight?

  15. Yes there was a checkmate,so you would have died.

  16. I got 1600rating in lichess but I got estimated 1800 rating in elometer net ,is that normal

  17. Now Elometer has 76 puzzles and no timer. That worked out well for me, since I am a long, deep thinker. I scored 1820, which is about what I thought I should be rated at, for slow chess (classical time controls). Much higher than my Tactics Trainer rating on, which penalizes you for time taken. It's about equal to my daily rating of 1834 though. After comparing my answers to John's, he saw several winning combinations that I missed. I only saw 1 or 2 that he missed. However, mine wasn't timed. I took about 1-10 minutes on each of mine.

  18. I'm really liking the updated elo meter. Also going on a binge of your videos John keep up the great work!

  19. Lots of players on are taking this test now. Most of them are saying that their ELO-Meter rating is higher than their rating, but I think they are comparing it to their blitz rating, in most cases.

  20. i scored 2018 and rated 1500+ on ICC. Though my tactical rating is around 1900+ so that helps right?

  21. I got an elo-rating of 1420 after trying hard to answer the first 15 (there's 76 on the test now) problems or so. After I just clicked through, barely making sure my moves were legal.

    I've maybe played 30 hours of chess in my life total, so I'd say the results are quite generous.

  22. Problem at 7:41 you should have done rook to H8. It will allow you checkmate or blacks queen.

  23. The Elo dubious meter. The home page should read "mystic meg thinks your rating is 1800"

    "we believe any ability has the potential to be great and the better you play you get diminishing returns therefore everyone is rated at 1800."

    "we believe chess is a game where you play to draw therefore everyone is rated at 1800. for every game you win someone else loses a game 1800"

    "superGM'S with rating of 2800 contrast the novice 800, we meet in the middle 1800.

  24. Um I am rated 1725 and personally feel that my rating is higher than it should be but this test said my rating was 2087 with a 95% confidence interval of [1961…2213] what the fuck

  25. Just tried this test recently and there were a few changes made from when this video was put out:
    No time limit (thankfully)
    More puzzles (from 34 to 76)
    Included your progress on screen.
    I have to say I was happy when I chose the same moves as John on some of the more complex puzzles, though there were a few face palm moments as well.

  26. I think ill stick to playing checkers with my grandma my brain hurts

  27. I think I threw off this test because I do too many tactics. Im like 1400 on lichess but it predicted my rating is 1801.

  28. My estimate was 1637, and I am unrated so I wouldn't really know…

  29. apparently my estimated elo rating is 1462, with the minimum being 1299 and maximum being 1668 😀

  30. I got 1522 and I've 15 years old and i've not play since I had 9 XD

  31. my rating on lichess is 1800 (2200 in tactics) and it rated me at 1932. I don't believe that this would be my actual elo since lichess seems to be 200-300 points above the FIDE rating.

  32. I got 2150, which is much higher than my playing strength but similar to my lichess puzzle strength. However, the timebar did not appear for me when I did the puzzles, so I spent way more time on those than John. Interesting that John failed to spot the Qh8 tactic at 3:35 – that I spotted instantly, but John's miss at 7:28 I didn't get either.

  33. Hey John in case you were still wondering a latent response test means that you are scored based on how long you took to answer. Since you handicapped yourself on time by explaining your thought process to the audience it makes sense that your estimated rating was much lower than your actual rating.

  34. This test is inaccurate. I scored a 2273 which is about 200 points higher than my actual strength and higher than what John scored – indeed I saw some of the solutions relatively quickly that John missed in this video – yet in serious competition he would completely blow me off the board, and no matter how many times we played. When you're in a game no one tells you when something is there to be found. There are positional considerations and theoretical knowledge and tons of other stuff that goes into it. With that in mind, a player's advanced level might actually work against them in these type of tests. Judging someone's rating by how well they do on puzzles is simply impossible.

  35. Hello John!
    I just came across this video. It has changed. It does not have a 30 second count down anymore and it is just 76 problems now. I scored 2165 and my real life rating is or was 1250 and now 1390 because last week i scored 5-0 in the under 1400. I guess I am tea bagging lol. My question to you is how accurate is this and would you do another one now that the Elometer test has changed. I am curious how well you would do now 3 years later. Thanks John.

  36. Seriously though, I am barely scraping by with a 1150 rating on and this site gave me a rating near 1800.

  37. I am not sure why so many people have declared this test is all tactical. The one to which the one to which John Batholomew answered Ra-b1, for example, is a major part of a strategic maneuver called the minority attack.

    I do not have JB's rating, or any rating. I am 68 and have never played in a rated tournament. Someone who I thought was not close to my level challenged me to a game recently. I asked him to take the test. Elometer rated him more than 800 points below me.

    I would like to become much better than I am. I understand that just about no one becomes a titled player without at least being pointed in the right direction by a coach somewhere along his chess journey. I also understand that no one ever made grandmaster norms, except by honorary means, after age 47. Nevertheless, I would like to defy the odds.

    I see a great possibility of throwing away money on a coach. Regardless how good they are, how does one determine if they are good tutors?

  38. they dont have a timer anymore. Is there any information about the state of the website? do they still run it actively or will I not get any results?

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