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Recently I took the “Chess Personality” quiz (), and a couple subscribers suggested that I take the quiz as well. It was fun and challenging!

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  1. "Based on your move choices, our estimate of your Elo rating is 1435, with a 95% confidence interval of [1269…1602]." Well that's nice. Considering my rating is around 850 rapid and 460 blitz. And there's 76 chess problems as of 02AUG18

  2. This guessed me at only 1500 when I am definitely at least 2000

  3. At 7:40 I think the move is Rd8, if he takes with the rook, you win the queen, and if he takes with the bishop, Qe8 checkmate. Am I right?

  4. I took the test and I scored 1308 ! Which I was really stoked about, until I read the comments section on this video and all the real players with ratings already seem to have got higher than in real life. I also had 76 problems to solve, and I think this also inflates the rating as you know there is one ideal move and the intense concentration makes mistakes and blunders far less likely. I went in thinking I'm around 350 – 400 Elo and after reading the comments I think I'm probably around 500, but like I said I was so stoked when I seen the 1308. I got really worried at the end when it was asking how many chess books have you read & how many tournaments have you entered ? (I answered 0 to just about everything)! Did anyone get a spot on rating that matched their real life one ?

  5. Maybe you could do another video with the new test (76 problems without timer)?

  6. ime mediocre and scored like between 1100 and 1400 wtf thats way higher than i am

  7. Question, I am a 63 year old who joined the ICC who plays 5 min chess that can't get near 1500 yet I took elometer test and it says I am between 1631 and 1896. Am I playing players still using programs at 5 mins or the time 5 mins for my age is the reason?

  8. It predicted that I'm 2100 rating [1974…2227] when my rating is only 1800 and my FIDE rating is below 1600.

  9. The quiz is 76 questions now with no timer. I spent about 3 hours and got a 1930 rating [between 1804..2055]. My noob 5-game lichess rating is 1250 and hasn't bottomed out yet. If the timer was on, I would have gotten a negative rating.

  10. I got 1942 although my FIDE is WAY lower than that.

  11. I took it on my phone, which i regret since the squares were small even when i ecpanded to a comfy size. Got 1254, im an absolute beginner so im gladd i got up to the 1400 on a few situations.

  12. The site is not secure and ask for personal informations before giving result.. wouldn't recommend…

  13. 1596 on the Elometer. Quite a bit higher than my or lichess ratings. I have been playing a lot of Internet chess lately and there has been some improvement, though I am not in a chess club and have no official rating.

  14. "Based on your move choices, our estimate of your Elo rating is 1871, with a 95% confidence interval of [1744…1997]." Sounds way higher than what I am lol.

  15. Interesting to see how an IM thinks though. As a newbie I'm always looking for checkmates so I didn't miss any of the ones he missed which he probably wouldn't in a real match yet he was finding interesting tactics that still got an advantage. Thanks for the experience!

  16. As noted in a bunch of comments below, the test doesn't have the 30-second timer any more, which I think is a great change by the folks presenting the test. I could have only found the various mates in 1 that were part of the 76 problems that were part of the test when I took it (earlier today … 30 Jul 2019).

    Also I wish they would've given the right answers or some sort of score how many times out of 76 I selected the best move, etc.

    Thanks for the video, sir!

  17. Cool I got 1457 and I've only been playing for 8 months.

  18. I am honestly shocked I got a 1764 (1631-1896). I've never been coached, and never read any books on the game, but I've played a lot casually. I'll admit that I don't normally lose games casually, so I assumed I have a knack for the game. I would have guessed like 1200-1400, but getting the 1764… makes me wonder if I actually studied the game in more depth 🙂

  19. I test that before when i was 13 and my elo is 1800
    Now is 2300

  20. hi john..can i have your email? i hv improved a lot after following your videos

  21. There is something wrong with the estimation on that site. I've done all 76 puzzles, and answered every question honestly and it estimated me at whooping 1882elo but I'm nowhere near that. I'm around 1300-1400 on Players above 1500elo are kicking my ass 98% of the time.

  22. our estimate of your Elo rating is 2341, with a 95% confidence interval of [2191…2492] 1890 fide

  23. Took it today today 05-02-2021 and starting playing chess on 07-01-2021.. and the rating is 1400-1600 ? Never played chess before xD

  24. its stupid , sorry to say that but after wasting 15 min i got to puzzle where i clicked my queen in a square and it counted as other illegal square lol , how is illegal moves allowed?!!!

  25. Well it took a bit. 76 chess puzzels, but it was fun! Now I have an estimate of my ability.

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