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How do you prove you’re a strong chess player? Flexing your biceps won’t do the trick, that’s for sure. But there is a way for you to flex your chess skills, though.

A few decades ago, a physics professor and chess master named Arpad Elo created a way of measuring a chess player’s strength. Since then, almost every federation and online chess server uses the Elo rating system (or a variation of it) to measure a player’s strength.

Have you ever noticed that number that appears next to a player’s name? That number is their Elo rating (or just rating for short). The bigger that number is, the more likely they will be to beat other players. It’s as if that number was a way of looking at a person’s brain muscles! How cool is that?

In this video, FunMasterMike talks about the Elo rating system and the basics of how it works.

Do you want to learn even more about the Elo rating system and how you can increase yours? Then check out this article on ChessKid that goes over it.

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