Do People In Toronto Know Fabiano Caruana?

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  1. Chess isn't That MainStream very Have Patience to even bother learning. So, no Surprise. Magnus would get the same treatment by millions

  2. I'm from Toronto and was kind of cringing the whole time, hoping someone would fanboy Fabi. In this city, we're pretty chill, guess not so much. Loved the concept and thanks for a great tournament.

  3. FABulous the guy with the mike ain't bad at the chess neither

  4. "oh I didnt recognize him without the chess pieces in front of him"

  5. Can someone get Fabi a makeover stylist. Fell like bros got potential but avoids leveling up his game like an opposite colored bishop ending.

  6. Es el colmo de los colmos,se está jugando el torneo de candidatos en su país y no saben quién es Caruana,en qué mundo viven.!?

  7. La televisión vive dando partidos de básquetbol y no por eso conocemos a sus jugadores,igual pasa con el béisbol,el tenis y hasta con el fútbol.

  8. En todo el continente americano el ajedrez no es tan popular talvez solo en Cuba por Capablanca y en Argentina por Miguel Najdor y los torneos tan importantes que sean disputado en ese país

  9. Fabi is like wtf is this….like people taking tiktok videos with cat and how the cat feels!

  10. fabi nust be thinking what an amazing way of doing insult, that people dont know who you are

  11. If Fabi dressed in a blue shirt and did his hair up, they might mistake him for Levy.

  12. इससे ये साबित होता है कि तुम भले ही कहीं के तोपची ही क्यों न हो, चाहे तुर्रमखां ही हो, लेकिन दुनिया मे कई लोग ऐसे हैं ,जिन्हें तुम्हारे status से उन्हें घण्टा फर्क नही पड़ता है । ये बात उन लोगों के लिए खासतौर पर है ,जो सोचते हैं कि लोग क्या कहेंगे, क्या सोचेंगे

  13. Fabi: dad, Im just flush down the toilet
    Proud father: Hey everybody. This is my boy. Yeah!

  14. Unfortunate . I feel bad for Fabi . Am sure they wouldn’t recognise Magnus too

  15. Ask anyone in US about Bobby Fischer, I bet they will easily know him.

  16. In India he is more femous then USA 😅

  17. вот ему делать нех в этом шапито участвовать

  18. Its very sad on part people. They are very very away from greater IQ people. It must have been very awkward for Fabi

  19. Dont make such a legend a show piece, please.

  20. People could argue about how relevant a sport is, or any profession really. But standing beside someone, who's nearly at the very top of their field AT THE ENTIRE WORLD, would be, without a doubt, an absolute honor to me.

  21. Ask 17 year old women there, they might know him considering Fabi history of hitting on barely legal women.

  22. For 10 bucks do you know who i am is……..

  23. even though I have seen Fabiano on youtube a lot.
    I think I would only recognize Fabiano in the context that Rensch interviews.

  24. Danny: “What if I told you that ‘Fabi’ is standing next to you?”
    The guy: “I’d be nervous”
    Next moment camera shows Fabi clearly more nervous than the guy lol

  25. "Reigning US champion"
    Such a badass title to introduce someone

  26. What an embarrassing situation 😅😅😅

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