Chess Shorts: Elo Ratings and Chess Titles Explained

This video answers questions and corrects misunderstandings about chess ratings and titles. The history of ranking chess players is explored as well as possibilities for future improvements.

Those interviewed include GM Nigel Short, GM Yuniesky Quesada Perez, NM Mark Glickman, NM Alexey Root, Dr. John McCrary, Alex Holowczak, NM Roman Kozelov, and WCM Iris Zhou.

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00:00 Introduction
06:03 History of ranking players
08:55 Comparing players of different eras
24:17 Category titles to ratings
27:00 US Chess membership
30:51 Computers and chess
41:35 Inflation and deflation
59:38 Chess Titles
1:18:36 Regional rating bubbles
1:26:50 Conclusion

One Comment

  1. Very interesting video. I never considered rating deflation. But wouldn't rating floors add some inflation points back into the system. I know of one elderly player in his mid 80s who has a USCF floor of 1900 but I would estimate his play and performance at around 1600 (above that and he will lose more often than not and below that he will win more often than not).Also @35:38 she said 1800 online and 2000 USCF. I've never seen someone someone with that much of a higher USCF OTB rating than online. I've only seen the opposite or maybe they are very close to equal.

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