chess ratings in Tamil,how to calculate my chess ratings in Tamil,chess titles in Tamil explained

Chess ratings explained in Tamil and also you can calculate your initial rating and Rating changes using the formula mentioned,
candidate master,fide master, national master, international master and grandmaster in Tamil

All your questions regarding the ratings and type of players are answered in this video

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  1. 30 games na 30 tournaments or 30 ratting opponents

  2. useful information sir… create whatsapp group

  3. Useful Info Bro…I follow Tamil Chess Guru channel which is also good…

  4. Sir Please Upload Video For How To Become A Chess Grandmaster.

  5. Age 18 complete agirichu na innum rating open pannala innime open panna first 30 match varaikkum 40+ la increase agumma pls solluga solluga…ppppp0ppppp

  6. What time you will play in lichess org bro

  7. Whether rated chess player are international player or not

  8. Sir nanu state player enoda rate 1520 sir,

  9. Sir yeppadi sir local tournaments aah find pandradhu?? Fide afflicted tournaments

  10. Na innum yen fide rating open pannala yeppadi open pannanum..

  11. How to join chess tournament..?? What is the age criteria. ??

  12. what is the benefit of winning grandmaster? how can we earn money in that

  13. Sir intha rating la ethula website illa poi pakanum

  14. Bro normal chess player international chess game villayatapogamutiuma

  15. Eppadi tournament la join panni vilayadanum please sollunga

  16. Lichess rating um fide rating um evalo difference irukum sir

  17. Hai sir,
    Nice video…
    Oru dout sir,
    Chess coins ku irukkura points kum, players rating point Kum thodarbu irukka?

  18. Do we need to register any portal ?
    I want to get my child in to chess games
    What's the 1st step i need to do
    Could u explain in separate video step by step

  19. R̤a̤t̤i̤n̤g̤ m̤a̤t̤c̤h̤ o̤n̤l̤i̤n̤e̤ l̤a̤ v̤i̤l̤a̤i̤y̤a̤d̤ṳl̤a̤m̤a̤ s̤i̤r̤

  20. Sir how we will know about the tournament
    my son is 12 years old and he wants to become GM
    so plz send me details
    FIDE or AICF both registering then will get information or not
    govt side any support will get or not

  21. Thanks for the clear explanation sir

  22. Fide இணைவது எப்படி உதவி செய்யவும்

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