Chess Ratings Battle

Discusses controversy over value of chess ratings and cost of ratings and other metrics for chess players.


  1. USCF gives affiliates $3 commission on most memberships they process which can make up for most of the affiliate and rating fees. Also, if the $40 affiliate fee is prohibitive,, you can try and find another affiliate that would be willing to sponsor your tournaments and let you use there affiliate ID. USCF also gives its players a number of statistics, graphs, etc. Also, while USCF membership and affiliation is more expensive, they provide some benefits that CXR doesn't, such as a subscription to the Chess Life Magazine. Also, you can't just say "CXR ratings are even better" without backing up that bold statement.

  2. To see sample of CXR wallchart see events, processed and noting it is an International rating system that any chess club, TD, or school program can use at minimal of cost per individual and affiliate cost other then having SwissSys, WinTD program to submitted wallcharts for tournaments or if individuals need to be rated can be submitted via CXR's game inputting option. Check it out and see if meets your needs for your club, school. At low cost chess clubs can use it.

  3. This is ridiculous. As a member of USCF, I can say that there are MANY reasons to have an official rating instead of joining a federation that has no support, no tournaments, and resorts to airing attack ads towards USCF on youtube to try to get people to join. If you want to play in basically any tournaments, if you want to know that you have a real rating in a large pool, if you want titles, or if you actually want to play serious chess you should join USCF and not this joke of a federation.

  4. Note comment below from youngster CParnon. He’s already a pretty strong player, although still far away from any "title". He might be interested that CXR offers 22 levels of scholastic titles, each impartially awarded as criteria are met by the player. Yes, CXR-rated tournaments are hard to find because we are still relatively unknown. But CXR also rates non-tournament games submitted to us by our affiliates. So CXR ratings are easier and much less expensive (US $7) to obtain.

  5. Look, if you want to run a tourney for a bunch of summer chess kids who are rated below 800, have a "coach" who thinks en passant is a french-only rule and think of chess like monopoly, connect 4, and any other board game, by all means, get this BS rating. These kids wont be playing in a year or two anyway.

  6. @cparnon how long are tournament in chess and how long does it take to become an Grand Master? tia..

  7. lol…I got a feeling CXR had a hand in this thing. I say you might as well save your $7/year too (the only people who really need ratings are guys like Magnus Carlsen). Still, anybody who sticks it to USCF is alright in my book (they are the lamest organization I've ever had to deal with).

  8. @WatchMeLag LOL.. me too. Youporn is easier.

  9. how do they get these game analystics without the PGN of each game? You can't possibly know the strengths and weaknesses of each game with only the tournament ladder, which is what the guy in the video says is all you need to send them.

  10. Talk about desparate amateur hour. You get what you pay for.

  11. My yahoo rating is 1300. Ha! Suck on that Anand.

  12. All USCF knows how to do is collect fees. And what exactly do they do for all that money? Enter results into a computer – that's it! Everything meaningful is done by the tournament organizers and directors. USCF isn't worth the money and people just pay it for the same reason that they put up with FIDE's nonsense – force of habit!

  13. butt hurt douche cant afford 4 dollars a month

  14. DANG USCF !! If you don't hire the Geiko lizard and make him an expert on the "Dragon" variation,you are going to lose most of your members to sane people like this CXR guy.This is what you get for all your greedy grabbing of cash and power over the years.You put politics before players…ads before advancing the game..and worst of all,your ADDICTION TO THE GAME OF POWER before the noble Game itself. Take your ratings list and use it for gerbil carpet,folks.THESE CXR PEOPLE ARE "SPOT ON"!!

  15. I'm a CXR member. It provides a great opportunity to get in many more rated games for much, much less money. The only people who are better off with USCF are people who are around 2000+ who can win big money at tournaments. If you just want to be able to accurately track your progress, CXR is the way to go. The pool or players you can play rated games against is actually LARGER than the USCF, because CXR allows its players to play against people in the USCF, FIDE, etc.

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