Chess Ratings and Chess Titles : The Chess Rating System Explained

★In this video, you will learn about chess titles and chess ratings, and the requirements that each one requires chess players to meet.

➥Here is an informational page where it outlines a similar ranking of ratings and status names:

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0:00 – Intro
0:05 – Novices
0:15 – Class D
0:25 – Class C
0:40 – Class B
0:59 – Class A
1:15 – Expert
1: 28 – NM and CM
1:46 – FM
1:59 – IM
2:27 – GM
2:58 – Super GM
3:25 – Beyond Super GM


  1. For those wondering about the highest FIDE ratings of all time (in all time formats) then here it isClassical: Magnus Carlsen (2882 FIDE) in 2014 and 2019Rapid: Magnus Carlsen (2919 FIDE) in 2017Blitz: Magnus Carlsen (2986 FIDE) in 2017

  2. does rating for FM and CM need to be in classical or can it be in rapid or blitz?

  3. Quick cheat tip: host one kickass D&D game for your friends. Boom. Instant GM

  4. Thanks for this breakdown.I play the chess royale app online. It's pretty crazy, has awesome tutorials, an after match analyze system to see every best and worst move you made that match and it is a legit world-wide connected app. I've already faced off with and been swiftly and elegantly destroyed by several world champions.I'm only a 2nd category right now. Chess Royale's system…Novice – 50 🏆Amateur – 100 🏆4th category – 150 🏆3rd category – 250🏆2nd category – 350 🏆1st category – 500 🏆Candidate Master – 750 🏆National Master – 1000 🏆National Grandmaster – 1300 🏆International Master – 1600 🏆International Grandmaster – 2000 🏆World Champion – 2400 🏆Based on all of this I consider myself maybe a class C.

  5. I was hoping this would explain what the numbers are based on.

  6. How to display it in my profile im 2200 rated in rapids rapid and 2300 in bullet's

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