Chess Ratings and Chess Titles : The Chess Rating System Explained

★In this video, you will learn about chess titles and chess ratings, and the requirements that each one requires chess players to meet.

➥Here is an informational page where it outlines a similar ranking of ratings and status names:

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0:00 – Intro
0:05 – Novices
0:15 – Class D
0:25 – Class C
0:40 – Class B
0:59 – Class A
1:15 – Expert
1: 28 – NM and CM
1:46 – FM
1:59 – IM
2:27 – GM
2:58 – Super GM
3:25 – Beyond Super GM


  1. Not a great explanation to be honest. I was wondering how the ratings are determined in the first place. How do you know you have a rating of 512 for example?

  2. After three months of playing this game reading multiple books, learning openings and strategies, and noting down some of the ones i mostly prefer for my self i have come to a conclusion that i.. am still a Novice🥲

  3. Im 2251 but I have no National master or Candidate master title next to my username

  4. Where do you get this ratings ? Is it website or what someone explain plz

  5. Do you think with enough time and dedication, most players can become a chess master?

  6. I had like exams going on so I didn't play chess for some MONTHS. I am here to remember all the titles correctly after so much time lol. I am pretty sure I have watched this 1 year ago.

  7. I,m trying to get to 1800 in A I am 1700 struggling to highen my rating

  8. Is there some rule that says chess people mustn't be able to speak properly?

  9. I wish I could get a FIDE rating but I don't have the money and time to travel.

  10. i got 2400 points but i still didnt get the fm title what to do?

  11. Iam 1535 I jumped from 1108 in 1 month. Because training and slove puzzles for 1-2 hours in my day.

  12. I hit 3000 last night…then i woke up.

  13. "All Class D personel, please approach GM Magnus Carlsen"

  14. Can I ask what app is used when pros playing online

  15. I just recently got back into chess.. I used to play daily in highschool with a friend rated in the 1800 range and took an official test and was rated in the 1500 range(before I ever discovered chess website). Took a long break and discovered chess website and app at some point during that break.. but I only played rarely so I'd get rusty in between games so rating went way down.. Been playing regularly again recently tho and my rating has been slowly going back up. I'd like to get a title one day, even if it is just on the chess app

  16. Just got back to chess after 5 years and won 30 out of 45 first games in 1 week. Close to 1000 now and I just won against someone 1350 rated very easily. I hope that I will be able to reach 1200 in a few weeks

  17. i finally climbed to 1065.i was at 900 like for 3 months(i started playing 5 months before).lets hope i can get to 1100 in january 2022

  18. I don't know I heard my buddy saying the other day he's a "900" and his friend is a "1300" and then I watched a Magnus Carlsen video where it says he's a "2800" so now I'm just falling further down the Chess rabbit hole to learn all of this useless information.

  19. quick question, do these change in meaning overtime? If that makes sense. Cause I remember a year ago when I was ranked 1200 or so, whereas now i’m ranked 1000 even though i’m fairly confident i’m a far better player than I was when I was ranked higher.

  20. Is still have no idea what you are talking about! You missed explaining how to get a rating!

  21. Chess Ratings and Titles are a big topic for many chess players to fully understand for all levels. Would you enjoy watching a expanded edition to include even more titles beyond FIDE like online titles and maybe talk more about what we will be seeing in the future about how 2900+ FIDE players would be like?

  22. In the end people under 1200 and people at 2200 both lose to the GMs.
    Anyway… Thanks for making a video based on my suggestion.

  23. Nice video! I'll share this video with my students!

  24. It’s a little odd having ads play when I look up this video. Seems like a good sign for your channel.

  25. The reason I wanna get a title is to participate in titled arenas

    Cries in class D

  26. Me thinks I'm superior at chess
    Also me:novice(600)

  27. I am under 10 points to reach 1800 in lichess with only b4 opening And b5 or g5 defence, does that count or how can i get rated?

  28. Novice 1000 damn i need a lot of work for my first title

  29. I have been hovering around 800 for a long time. I was a better chess player when I was 12 than I am now!

  30. Good vídeo. I guess I will have to work hard to get out of class D I feel like a 1200 rating player. I think people beyond the 2,000 rating are potential expert pros so everyone on the club level of 1800 and 2.000 would be a decent playing warrior. If you Grand Master I guess the difference to be Super would be practice and be a hardcore student Doctor Degree in Chess . Perhaps with Magnus Carsen , Hikaru Nakamura, Gerri , Fabiano Caruana or Wesly So as your desired teachers. Forget Garry Kasparov as he lost his good luck with chess.

  31. We had an fm and an Im and an expert our chess club. Those guys saw everything on the board. They could not be fooled. Basically they play a different game.

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