Chess Ratings and Chess Titles : The Chess Rating System Explained

★In this video, you will learn about chess titles and chess ratings, and the requirements that each one requires chess players to meet.

➥Here is an informational page where it outlines a similar ranking of ratings and status names:

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0:00 – Intro
0:05 – Novices
0:15 – Class D
0:25 – Class C
0:40 – Class B
0:59 – Class A
1:15 – Expert
1: 28 – NM and CM
1:46 – FM
1:59 – IM
2:27 – GM
2:58 – Super GM
3:25 – Beyond Super GM


  1. You could have added the arena titles without the class d e thingy

  2. Honestly this video is so trash lol. Each level "rly hard 2 get here, gotta work hard"

  3. Thanks… I'm better than people who don't know how to play. Sitting at 1200 rating 🙄

  4. Can you try to open yout mouth when you are speaking? Thanks for the informative video tho

  5. better than people who dont know how to play isnt really an achievement lol

  6. Dude just insulted 70% of chess players by calling them novices

  7. is this the FIDE rating ? because I'm 1900 on lichess but I don't have a FIDE profile nor a rating

  8. Am a CLASS B ONE! … Anyone wanna match ur welcomed!

  9. lol Everything this guy says has a slurred like quality to it, like he drunk way too much the night before and got asked to do a power point presentation the next morning.

  10. Amazing information, got more than what I expected. Thanks mate!

  11. Are you drunk or on medication I wonder

  12. This video depressed me a bit. My highest ELO rating is 1,124 and that still means I'm a novice! 😞

  13. Im from india do i need to travel overseas to become a Candidate Master

  14. If you show the average 1200 why a blunder was a blunder, they understand why, they just didn't catch it on the board. So it is not that they "don't know how to play" it is just that they don't have the visualization abilities yet to calculate so many variations and don't have enough experience with openings, tactics, endgames, etc… I've even seen 800s with a strong grasp of chess concepts, they just blunder under pressure during the game. Mental fortitude comes with training and practice.

  15. There's too many smurf players now, it's so hard for beginner

  16. 2500: Gifted
    2600: Genius
    2700: Super genius
    2800: Profound genius

  17. Sorry man, but there was no explanation about rating system. You just named some names with their ratings

  18. I wouldn't say that 1400-1600 is exactly an ammeter level.

  19. sorry; but i saw how have a 1800 IM title

  20. my rating is novices but i some how beat class c

  21. Is englisht your second language? Or do you naturally have a speech impediment?

  22. I'm a GM in my barbershop lol. I really appreciate this video. Thank you for explaining.

  23. As a novice with a elo of under 400 I can proudly say that that I am bad at chess

  24. I think right now there are many 3000+ rated players such as hikaru he has 3350 i think

  25. Super GM is not an official FIDE title, it’s only informal.

  26. on fide arena online if you are 1100 you get ACM what does that mean ?

  27. how do ppl get this rating? i wanma start playing chess online and idk which app to download that will give rating and such

  28. started chess again after 10 years, peaked at like 1800, im 26 now, started back during the beginning of covid and was playing at 900. now im 1600, tryna push for 2000, i can do it

  29. Thumbs down! This doesn't explain ratings at all. What you have to play and what rating means. Zero info. There are so many variations and timers. So wtf?

  30. I am 1100 (novice) and my goal is 2000 (the next milestone)

  31. How do they work out the performance rating exactly. Do they work out the strength of the moves against an engine??I am a noob and just play online so forgive me for the silly question ( if it is a silly question to begin with

  32. I started playing chess at 5 but i stop 9 years ago now i'm 18. And i want to have a 2k rating i have a 1400 rating right now.

  33. Watching this video having just secured my NM title! Super excited!

  34. I have been a class B player for a year or so. I can't explain how accurate my level is. I can beat 1700 to 1800 players but I struggle terribly with 1900 and above players. I was beginning to think it's a roadblock that I'll never surpass. But I've accepted my level of play now and see my inexperience at endgame.

  35. Me who struggleson 850+ and here are some with 2800+ huhu

  36. There's a different rating for "Daily"/"Blitz"/"Rapid"/"Bullet". which one are we referring to? or is it the average?

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