Chess Ratings: A Deep Dive

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  1. So i have not really played chess before (cept when i was drunk overseas) i started getting into it like a week ago started playing blitz at 800 but i have trouble keeping up with the speed and timers is that just time spent? How do i get faster?

  2. 19:48 is actually funny now (4 years later since the video is uploaded) because FIDE is acting to fight Elo deflation. There are currently at low Elo (<2000) underrated players.

  3. @Chess Pathways Eh…still pretty arbitrary as this only accounts for past games played and is more accurate the closer both players ratings are. This fails to account for strength over time and drops in accuracy the further players are apart in rating.The Elo system is just as arbitrary as the belt system for martial arts, there's no real serious control study done to see if belts and points truly distinguish between actual and perceived skill.Like you sound like a great instructor and coach, but you jave to admit that the Elo system—and the like—are no better at determining true skill than IQ scores are at determining true intelligence.

  4. Been playing for a year and I’m already 14 hundo🥶🥶🙏 in rapid but blitz and bullet still 1050-1200

  5. "Let me tell you about ratings system…""I haven't myself looked at ratings mathematical formula…"OK.

  6. If one has no status , and challenges me, you can be whatever4 digits you want. I'll be 0 . And I'll win. process is irrelevant were all human or not

  7. Not sure if you caught that at the end but in the Example you said he lost to a 2200 and still added points to come up with 2.54 expected. Shouldnt those points be subtracted for loss?

  8. I'm 1300 but I only know the Ruy Lopez, starting to think I need to learn some more openings if I want to push on more. I'm finding that players are starting to know their openings a bit better and just winging it is leaving me playing from behind a lot.

  9. After just knowing how to move the pieces to doing 5 years playing everyday in prison I'm now 1700. I felt like I peaked until I started learning on different opening strategies and theory.. can't wait to play some tournaments as a free man.

  10. I gained 1100 rating in like 8 months and am now at 1500, but now the process is getting slower, i only see myself get to 2000 at the end of the year

  11. I was up a queen in a tournament a little while ago against a played 650 point higher than me and I was so close to winning. I ended up losing cause of a queen pin on my queen. That would have been a huge rating boost. The guy before was 450 above me and I accidentally blundered perpetual check while also being up a promoted queen. I won all my other games tho.

  12. I think it offers a clearer picture if you think not of players being “rewarded” with points as though it’s a gold medal, but that the system is simply adjusting its approximation of your ability due to having new information.

  13. Respect for important information shared

  14. Lol I'm overrated. I'm still getting 4 move mated at 23 😭😭

  15. There should be an app for calculating ratings

  16. so what is the actual formula? almost half an hour video and you don't even actually state it. that is quite anoying.

  17. I'm 1000 rating so I'm still noob 🤣

  18. im on level 1000 i was playing from two years but without serious learning

  19. Excellent: thank you! For years I have wanted to understand how tournament results alter Elo ratings.

  20. One error correction: At 13:50, I stated that a lower "K" value makes one's rating less resistant to change. I got this backwards! (Double negatives can be tricky 🙂 ) My subsequent explanation is correct, but I wanted to clarify that a lower K value makes one's rating MORE resistant to change to avoid confusion.

  21. Thanks for the video .Very interesting topic.

  22. thanks for explaining it im a 1393 USCF OTB i've done a tournament where i played 1600 first round 1400 2nd round 3rd round 1800 4 1000

  23. Thanks for the video although there is one comment where I completely disagree with you. I do not believe that obtaining a Expert level rating is possible for the vast majority of players. Having to work for a living and having maybe an hour or two at most on any given day to study/play does not allow someone to reach a level without paying for a coach to tell someone what to focus on.

    Someone who cannot afford a chess coach will just simply not have enough hours in a day to reach an expert level. At best a person might reach between 1600-1800 level.

  24. I've already learned that the little horsey pieces jump around like they're doing a fox trot, and the ones with slits in their heads go at angles. Kings are useless and don't do squat while his wife does all the heavy lifting. What rating would I be?

  25. Personally, what motivated you the most to achieve the master title. Your Passion and competitiveness?

  26. For determining K, criteria of USCF is best among the others. A high rated player is expected to be stable.

  27. you didnt mention the rating differences can be the same, but at higher levels it is further away. A 2700 will not lose 1 in 10 to a 2200 player. A 2200 player will not lose 1 in 10 to a 1800. Although, a 700 can get a 1100 3 out of 10 no problem, as they just throw games away back and forth. Not so at higher levels.

  28. After 12 long years, I finally got to 2000 on lichess :))

  29. 2000 with in computer chess
    Can i become a granmaster.

  30. Does our rating gets cancelled if we dont play for 8 years?or is there any procedure by which we cancell it?

  31. I'm stuck at 1100 (Blitz) for over 2 years. give some advice

  32. What is harder opponent? Blitz rapid or bullet?

  33. Do you know if there is a site in which we can see what percentages of the population represent each rating?

  34. I have just 2033 lichess blitz 🙁 and i am 11 (I am noob)

  35. Well according to this rating system its gonna take ages if your 0nly gaining 5 to 25 point every win especially as you have to start 1000

  36. I am 1600 on lichess and still class myself as a noob.
    I tend to have learning times and competitive times.
    The competitive phases my rating goes up. (Sole focus is to win)
    The learning phases, my rating goes down. (Study and experiment new openings, strategies etc)
    You need to go through both phases to improve your ELO long term.

  37. The Deep Shredder 13 Software says may rating is 1400. Can I trust it?

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