Chess Ratings: A Deep Dive

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  1. I’ve reached a max of 1785 when I stopped playing because of lack of institutional support for pursuing it as a career. I was 13 back then and haven’t played since then. I don’t know where I fall now. ☹️

  2. Currently 1983 rating at the school club and aiming to beat carlsen in the future

  3. When I first started playing chess my rating was 1800. Any idea why ?? Also I went from 1800 to 2100 in about the same time as normal.

  4. I just hit 1300 rate after playing online for past 2 months. It has become addictive now but I am enjoying it. Each day I learn a lot by playing. Everyone should learn this game its amazing. Thank you for bringing up my childhood game back to my adult life

  5. Guys, 2200 on lichess is possible in 2.5 years.
    Let me tell you how:
    Do Puzzles
    Learn Endgames
    Learn Middlegames
    Learn Openings (Not too much)
    Here's what differentiates a <2000 rated player and a 2000+ player:
    Better concentration (So always focus and take breaks in between)
    Efficient use of time (Really this is very important)
    No tempo wasting moves
    (So many <2000 players make useless moves or moves that removes the point of a previous move)
    Better visualization (Try blindfold chess. Like really try. You wont regret it)
    Play when fully awake
    (Lack of sleep can reduce your rating by 100-300 points)
    Always be confident (Even after losses)
    Only resign when its absolutely hopeless

    What differentiates 2000+ and 2200+:
    Advanced Technique across all phases
    (More opening knowledge, middlegame mastery and endgame speed)
    Positional understanding (Strategical Advantages by taking space and creating squares for pieces to jump in and dominate the board)
    Faster Play
    (2200s can play moves instantly because they are used to it)
    Always trying to predict what opponent does
    (2200s always have a sense of what the opponent wants in the position)
    100% concentration
    (2200s see the whole board not just one part)
    (2200s really want to win)

    My advice to <2200 players:
    Don't base your plans on what you want. Think about your opponent's threats first and then create a plan from it. This is a game of two players not one. If there's a secret key to 2200 it is long calculations. The longer your calculations, the higher your rating. Recognize your style, what positions you prefer, and work from there
    I've been playing chess for almost 3 years now and it really isn't that difficult
    Remember to work smart not hard

  6. Chess pathways can u reply to my question? Please it's my humble request ok? OK so here's the question I have a rating of more than 2000 on lichess in both rapid and standard and 1900 in blitz then can u tell me what's my expected fide rating or uscf? Currently it's 1156 coz I have not played a tournament for 1.5 years almost and at my last tournament also my performance rating was 1291 can u help me predict my calibar?

  7. In exactly 1 year I’ve gone 1100-1700s in bullet rapid and blitz on also I have done no studying but I played 4000 blitz games 1000 rapid and 1000 bullet games. Hopefully next year I will be 2000

  8. i stop play chess for long time..before my rating around 1800+ at return to chess, I got difficulties to get rating 1400..a lot of blunder happen

  9. Hi my elo rating is now 2203 does that make me a chess master? All my games are recorded in chess24 I recently beat 15 players from all over the world above 2200 My ID is davidgdelgado How many chess players above 2200 must I play to be qualified as a chess master? Oh the games are blitz 5 min.

  10. Great explanation thanks! Also, I didn't know that thing about Elo being a person.

  11. Not completely familiar with life of Árpád Élő, but originally it was spelled like that in hungarian. Probably didn't use this version in the US, but if you are looking for the right pronunciation in hungarian here it is:

  12. Im 1600 rating on and ive played only 10 min games, i started the account 7 days ago lol

  13. Wow this was a good video, i just played my first game of chess since being in primary school and i ranked in at 1350 i am very happy at that result

  14. I'm 1400 and casual chess player, not club or class
    I played for 1 year casually like a candy crush game

  15. That is a very nice video! I am 766 after 2 months of playing. I knew the rules but I've just studied some basic tactics

  16. I got into chess in jail 🤣 never thought there be good players in there but there really is… But I learned to like it

  17. My rating on chess com is 2200 and i started playing a week ago.

  18. Is it a good improve? I played chess when i was 7 yr old but i was a noob i didnt take it serious.. In march i started playing again… For few days i was 1000-1050 rated, then in april i went to the 1200, on the end of april i had 1400 and now i have 1560 rating 😀 i think that is big improvment, i expect 1600 tomorrow

  19. I started playing chess 3 months ago (I knew the moves only) and now I have 1400 on lichess with 700 games (blitz)

  20. Hhmmpp I'm belong to the classic players..

  21. I think a simpler way for a rough guess is to add 16 points for a win, 0 for a draw and -16 for a loss. Then add 4 points for every 100 they are higher than you (max 16) and subtract 4 for every 100 they are lower than you (max -16).

  22. You are a great teacher because you don’t downplay the hard work aspect. Looking forward to seeing more of your content!

  23. Started playing Chess as a complete beginner in December and just hit 1400 on Lichess. Working towards earning a chess title in my future Good luck fellow addicts.

  24. I've played this game since I was 7, now I'm 24 and never cross the line of 1200, It's so disappointing

  25. I, MistakeOpponent….current rating is 900+, and i will get better and better in chess, my goal right now is to beat all student and teacher in my school….. Gotham Chess subscriber, i learn a lot from him

  26. Nice video! I really see myself be the 'math guy' at tournaments 🙂

  27. My rating is over 900 at the moment so I'm expected to get FM title in approximately 12 years from now

  28. 200 rated players do not exists since the least I have seen is 600 in a tournament

  29. Actually, you can get your rating to he underrated because of where you live in where chess is not so popular..
    The only way to avoid getting underrated in my country for example is to travel abroad and join tournaments there which is really sad 🙁

  30. after 4 years of a chess i reach 2200 rating i am so close to master please train me for 1 pounds if become famous in chess because teach me for 1 pound i give a reward

  31. I live in nyc where do i Go to sign up?

  32. I’m 15 and got 2000 on lichess in only 5 months?

  33. “`python
    def resulting_elo(a_elo: int, b_elo: int, result: float, k: int = 20):
    x = result – (1 / (1 + (10 ** ((b_elo – a_elo) / 400))))
    elo = a_elo + k * x
    return elo
    … where "result" = 1.0 (win), 0.0 (loss), or 0.5 (draw) — with respect to player "a"

    a_elo = 2100
    b_elo = 2200
    result = 1.0 (player "a" wins)
    k = 20

    2100 + 20 * (1.0 – (1 / (1 + (10 ^ ((2200 – 2100) / 400 ))))) = 2112.8

    Player A's new rating: 2113
    Player B's new rating: 2187

  34. Bro mine is 407….but the weird thing is that when I play the computer at 1000 I do good and win sometimes but then when I play other real ppl who are much lower I get killed more times then not

  35. 9:00 98% of the points, meaning almost no draws? Only checkmates?

  36. How long do you think a 1800 player would take to reach 2700?

  37. If your rating is below 2300, why do you want to go for tournaments? You could just play online and you could save your time and money.

  38. At 5:05 actualy you are a master from 2000 to 2199 and with 220l0 you are a candidate master which is an official titel

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