Chess Rating Climb:1400-1600 | Chess Strategy, Ideas, Concepts for Beginner and Intermediate Players

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About this video:
This is a rating climb series (or speedrun) where I play games against players from different rating levels, starting at 600 and working all the way up to 2200. In this video I play players in the 1400 to 1600 range. I try to focus on the thought process behind the moves I’m making. You will learn all sorts of chess strategies, chess tactics, chess ideas, and chess concepts. I talk about how to think during a chess game and what the thought process should be. Beginner and intermediate chess players will benefit most from these free chess lessons.


  1. Your videos are so good. Great at explaining. Cheers Nelson

  2. After 13.Qh5 your busted. For instance 13. Qh5 h6 14. Bxh6 Bh7 15. Qf3!! and you have serious problems.

  3. you deserve more subs, keep doing these type of videos, thank you for teaching chess the right way

  4. Thank you. Your explanation is like a coach and very easy to understand. 😊

  5. I’m wondering why you didn’t play the bishop sacrifice on h3? When the pawn takes, you take back with the queen with a checkmate threat on the next move because your knight is covering g2 and it doesn’t look like he had a good way to defend that?

  6. When you were analyzing the trades around 12 min I didn't hear that if you move Kd5 and he takes your bishop, you take his knight with your knight attacking the queen, so he has to capture your night and make double pawns, and then you trade your bishop back. So you are like making trades which worsen his position

  7. Your video highlights the difference between playing chess by memory and playing chess by logic. When I see players coach popular streamers, so often it seems like so much of the coaching is just drilling them on how to play an opening. It reminds me of soccer coaches for young kids where you line em all up and then once the game starts its a complete disaster where they just huddle around the ball and start kicking. Your style would actually teach people how to get good at the game first before memorizing openings.

  8. Thanks Nelson; very instructive to see how you think throughout the game!

  9. Another rating climb video, another scramble against the clock! Parkinson's law comes to mind: "the old adage that work expands to fill the time allotted. Put simply, the amount of work required adjusts to the time available for its completion."

    Time to add some increment to the 15 minutes 😁

    Btw the stuff about what to do in a situation where many players have no idea what to do is great. Maybe you can take some time to explain and display some more tactics that can be used in those situations, in the next videos. πŸ‘

  10. Hey sorry I forgot to reply to an earlier video where I asked whether you stream. I think it could be a cool way to interact, even play with viewers if you're into that thing. I know it's tough streaming to 0 viewers but I believe there should be good crossover in your youtube following when you keep gaining traction! So maybe in the future, it could be awesome to see you on Twitch. Big fan of your videos I've been waiting for this video for a while as I'm stuck on 1400 and am self taught. Keep up the good work!!

  11. Hey Nelson, been watching your videos for a while now. I really admire the work you put into your content, as well as the design, a lot. Keep up the good work and you're gonna grow big !

  12. You should submit a video to agadmators other chess channel. I think you would do good.

  13. Hey, i don't really understand that fork on 20:28, i mean he can capture your knight with knight so you shouldn't win a queen

  14. G'day nelson! In the first game against the 1504 you could've played the englund gambit it's way more overpowered and poisonous and It gives you quick development

  15. Very informative to watch and hear your thought process. And I think I'm an intermediate player and tend to run out of ideas in the middle game, like you said.

    Likely I might have tried pushing pawns, either h7-h6 to push white's bishop back or later pawn c7-c5 (14:09). But I see those are not strong moves.

  16. I just made 1400 on for the first time. Time to learn more! Your middle game ideas video really helped me make it over the top of 1400!

  17. I like the way you explain your thought process, it helps weaker player (like me) know what is going on when you make moves.

  18. I like your way of explaining, your channel is very good, thank you so much, and I wish you a lot of success in YouTube πŸ‘πŸ‘

  19. I'm curious as why you didn't consider a rook lift, bringing your rook up to f-6 and then over to h-6? With your queen already on h-4 you'd have a heck of a lot of pressure on the pawn at h-2.If he moves up to h-3 you had your light bishop attacking that square. I should add that when it comes to producing useful videos, you're the best, bar none!

  20. You are amazing,your videos make me love and understand chess more and more day by day,keep up the good work!!

  21. Im hard stuck at 1430. I think i move too fast can’t see anything until after its too late

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