Chess Rating Climb:1200-1400 | Chess Strategy, Ideas, Concepts for Beginner and Intermediate Players

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About this video:
This is a rating climb series (or speedrun) where I play games against players from different rating levels, starting at 600 and working all the way up to 2200. In this video I play players in the 1200 to 1400 range. I try to focus on the thought process behind the moves I’m making. You will learn all sorts of chess strategies, chess tactics, chess ideas, and chess concepts. I talk about how to think during a chess game and what the thought process should be. Beginner and intermediate chess players will benefit most from these free chess lessons.


  1. Great content my friend! You explain every move you make with details of you thought process, that’s rare …it’s almost like a free lesson of your experience and knowledge! Good job

  2. πŸ˜…this cant be 2200 they're blundering like a 1400

  3. 1200 elo and up players yall just take the game to serious I mean it’s just a game I can’t do nothing with y’all right now I’m taking a break I’m not finna think that hard on just a game

  4. you're one of the reason why from 800 I move up to 1300 thanksπŸ‘

  5. I’m confused why you didn’t take his horse

  6. Why is FM 2500 elo rating but Not Promote To GM, but how can 2300 GM Elo rating

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