Chess Rating Climb – 600-800 Rating Range – How To Win At Chess – Chess Strategy And Thought Process

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About This Video:

Chess Rating Climb video for 600-800 rating range. This is a chess speedrun where I try to improve my rating and play against higher and higher rated players. I explain my thoughts and why I make certain moves. This will help you improve as a chess player. and amazon links are affiliate links.


  1. I just fell from 800 to 600, the more I learn, the worse I play 🤦‍♂

  2. I really am liking your videos and comments but I do like the look of your earlier videos better.

  3. I gotten 100elo in 3days I was at 630 when I did not see this and now iv got 730 thank you for making this vid

  4. 8:20 instead saves the bishop that is in the way of the rooks being connected, and doesn't do much at all?

  5. I just want to know what kind of junk Nelson was talking to these guys

  6. wish people under 800 still played like this. engine usually says my opponents accuracy is 100 higher every game

  7. I really need help getting better. I always think im going good, and then everything falls apart and i dont know how to get better

  8. i love your channel but how the hell do you get braindead opponents? I know its a cliche, but MINE DONT PLAY LIKE THAT!! blundering a knight in the first three moves? no way.

  9. How do you match with people lower than you?

  10. Wouldn't it have been good to advance the G4 pawn to G5 to remove his pawn after the queen moved to H6?

  11. 31:11 what is meant by opening up or closing the position? As in more open squares for pieces to go?

  12. Dude it's like you're making the vids I NEEEED.

    Thanks 🙂

  13. Sorry I haven't been commenting i have had something going on.

  14. Is that the Classic pieces style? Looks slightly different on my screen. Thanks for restarting this series. 😀

  15. Thank you for this upload. These are great to learn from

  16. Is doubling the pawn near center …bad?…, And great video as usual… soon 3k congratulations in advance

  17. If you need a volunteer for 1300 range, I'm in!

  18. Finally found the perfect chess channel I was looking for.💯
    Don't stop man
    Rome wasn't built in a day. ✌

  19. What's the name of your first opening as black please ?

  20. I really like how you describe your thought process. I will be watching these more than once. Thanks.

  21. I'm confused
    You are 2100+ rating then how are you climbing from 600-800

  22. This video was really good. Very informative. You made some nice moves. I am rank 720. Going to watch the 800 to 1000 video right now. 😀

  23. I don't think e5 at 3:50 is the move. Your original idea is better, just move Qd7. If he goes Nb5 you can castle, and your pawn at a7 is protected by your knight. The problem I see with e5 is like you said, if white plays Qe2 you cannot respond with Qd6 because white simply plays Nb5 threatening your queen. Now you said something about Bb4+, but that runs into c3, which loses you the bishop. If you respond with Qd7 instead you might have just played that at the very start, which was the original idea. The d7 square is also a good square for the queen, since it sets up for Bh3 and a potential attack on the kingside.

    I haven't analyzed it further, so stockfish might disagree 🙂

    EDIT: Didn't realize you meant Qb4+ and not Bb4+, so that changed everything haha

  24. You helped me improve my game so much, thanks!

  25. If you do a third installment of this series, you could outline what led to the loss ie, blunder, tactical error and so forth.

  26. Watching you play and at the same time explain all your thoughts and choices for each of your move is like having a huge banquet that is so satisfying. Thank you so much for giving us such a brilliant chance to learn chess lessons. You are the best and the most unselfish chess teacher on YouTube right now.

  27. I watch what you do, I follow your thoughts, sometimes I know where you are going before you say it; and yet, when I play I am fxxxn clueless….

  28. Anal-ize does make sense if you are anal about analyzing…

  29. stuck bouncing between 625 and 649… just wanted to hit 650! After this video I am about to hit 700, and in only a few games. This is the best.

  30. Great channel ! I have a problem the way the moves are made like the trade for the last castle with the way they are shown on the screen . I have to stop and think how did that result in the particular position due to the fact that it show you taking that last castle with the wrong order of moves if that makes sense. I would like to see the castle actually move first then you take it. This occurs over and over and though I know its a trade seeing the resulting position isnt as easy to visualize.

  31. I think we have the same MBTI personality type, INTJ

  32. Another very instructive video – I particularly enjoyed your patient and thoughtful analysis of the muddles that players at my level get into. Many thanks.

  33. Though I'm definitely older than you, I wanna be like you if I ever grow up. Hahaha! Thanks for these 2 series.

  34. My puzzle rating is 1400 but I’ve been stuck at 700 in rapid. What else should I study other than tactics?

  35. I am currently a 1050 player. The most difficult level is 900 range. Once you get into 1000 it is much easier IMO.

  36. excellent, thank you to the host- I have learned so much, he makes his thought process so clear, I have copied this and have improved my rating

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