Chess Rating Climb – 2000-2200 Rating Range – How To Win At Chess-Chess Strategy And Thought Process

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Chess Master explains thought process in 2000-2200 rating range games. Chess speedrun – chess rating climb. Chess Openings featured:

Chigorin against the Queen’s Gambit – Sharp response to d4

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  1. Thank you Nelson i have been winning all the time no one can beat me

  2. I love watching you whip 2000's for breakfast

  3. What happened to your chess piece decorations in the background?

  4. Really enjoy your videos. And love how you explain them. Trying to lewrn more from you to get over the 1000 rating 😎 soon i shall!!

  5. Man loved your new style! ☺️😎
    Of introduction

  6. The new flashing green icons on the bar under your avatar are a little distracting and keep catching my eye 🙃

  7. How to beat 2250?
    1) Get bad position
    2) Get rid of all time on your clock
    3) Opponent blunders backrank mate.
    4) …
    5) What?

  8. Wanna go from 2000 to 2200? Play the Chigorin. LOL

  9. this channel in so underrated, so gland i found this channel

  10. h3 isn't that bad in the chigoran in my experience. I take back with the e-pawn instead of the g-pawn. The pawns feel kinda crunked up if I do that. I like to keep an eye on that c-pawn with my bishop, just having a bishop pair sometimes is worth giving up a tempo or two.

  11. 10:03 wasn't the queen trapped after Rh8 Qg7 Rdg8? I know, checkmate is better, I'm just pointing out that white's pawn grab was bad even from a materialistic perspective.

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