Chess Rating Climb – 1200-1400 Rating Range – How To Win At Chess-Chess Strategy And Thought Process

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Chess rating climb and speedrun from 1200 to 1400. I play against 1200-1400 rated players and explain the thought process. Let me know if you have any questions/comments. and amazon links are affiliate links.


  1. do the video of rate number 1400-1600. Because I am in 1500 in chess rate

  2. As much as i feel for you for that mouse slip coz we all hate that but i also wonder if your opponent will want to improve his game with more passion knowing that he just beat you . That must have been quite the confidence boost . Maybe a loss for you . But a victory for chess. I can only hope that .

  3. Its comforting to see that a master level player is not familiar with popular openings like KID. A little motivation to stick to my openings and not get caught up in the trap of learning openings.

  4. So I shouldn’t mention bong cloud lol

  5. That’s one thing I like about chess… no matter how far ahead I am in a game, one bad move can mean I’m suddenly losing.
    I hate when that move is a mouse slip, though. Especially when it’s an accidental castle because I tried moving a rook with the king selected.

  6. 1:111:25 was honestly the most instructive part of the video for me. I've always understood that puzzles/end game should be priority but I've also tried to learn the basics of every opening to make sure I don't fall into any traps etc

    Refreshing to see a titled player only knowing a few moves of a very common opening

  7. Really great video. I like how you can explain your thought process in a way which I can follow rather than beimg too technical or abstract. Thanks for leaving the mouse slip game in even though I can tell it hurt!

  8. Curious how often in these rating climbs do the higher rated players consider and reject moves based on in-depth lines and weaknesses that the opponent would've never even considered. Well I suppose that in-depth analysis is what allows y'all to not make that one mistake you mentioned late in the video

  9. Ahh.. really felt the slip which is very bad disadvantage of online chess.. I lost a game in which I was a queen up & ahh shit lost the queen & drew the damn won game…
    After that, turned on the option to confirm each move..🤟 & that never happened any more..😂😁

  10. Really loving these videos man, finally feel like I am learning a little about chess. Cheers!

  11. Recently found your channel. Good stuff. Thank you very much.

  12. Thanks! Bummer about the mouse slip – ugh – but it was interesting to see how you tried to deal with the situation. It was also very interesting to watch you deal with an unfamiliar opening – it's kinda how I feel with all openings 😉 About losing the 30 points from the slip, have you considered creating an account just for any future rating climbs? Cheers!

  13. Re1 mate on 47:29, that's the reason the Knight went f3. Anyways I liked what I saw, it just bothers me watching you not say the move

  14. Thanks for Your great channel. I really like your style of teaching. Greetings from Denmark.

  15. I know you said you were tilted but I thought you handled the slip as well as someone could have. Points for comportment. Enjoyed the video as usual. You’ll get the 30 pts back soon

  16. "I can hardly stand looking at this board right now " I feel you

  17. Thanks for the video very interesting stuff. In the position at 13:40 (looking for ways to defend g6), i was thinking Nc5 eventually followed by Bf5, am i missing something obvious why this wouldnt work?

  18. OMG ! the pain in your voice after the mouse slip. I feel your pain.

  19. I felt your pain. The mouse slip on the castle has got me before. Ug!

  20. You should play the Queen's Cowboy defense, instead of the Kings Indian

  21. Respect for keeping your cool on that mouse slip! Very zen.

  22. Why didn't you go bishop f5 in the first game to defend the checkmate? You didn't even discuss that idea. I'm guessing because that's a bad move? But it still temporarily guards that square.

  23. Hey nelson. Great video, i have just ordered 1001 deadly checkmates. Cant wait to get stuck in. What are your top ten chess books?

  24. Great video! I like how you explain things nice and simple.

  25. Losers has excuses ohh mis click I should learn how to use a mouse yea you should because it is part of the game chess genius.

  26. Loved the information you gave at 32:40. I was just thinking about how well the 1400 played and I’m glad you spoke to that.

  27. So I’ve been doing your blunder checks and suddenly beating 1400 bots. Thanks so much . Your channel has really really improved my chess🙏

  28. Man I love your no bullshit no fluff style of video. Keep it up man

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