Chess Players Now vs Chess Players Then


  1. But today's chess players are stronger

  2. sooooo why are people so obsessed with Bobby? a maniac obsessed with chess.

  3. Chess rules then: White goes first
    Chess rules now: WhItE GoEs FiRsT 💀

  4. Hey hi just so you folks know, the fact that the world has less international conflict today (which is in large part what made chess such a serious game back in the day) is, like, a GOOD THING. You don't really want another cold war or something, right?

  5. Not sure what this is trying to say, sure they are not political assets anymore, but they are definitely more entertaining (except bobby fisher, dude's true gigachad)

  6. Bro one chess legend literally is very demanding and ignorant if the officials don't go this way he leaves and wants an private fight with no camera an an very bad attitude I think that got him kicked time to time

  7. aah yes, when Chess was not a game for fun but a tool for a peaceful cold war.

  8. The difference stems from one factor; new generation are addicted to masturbation.

  9. Chess players then:Serious
    Chess players now:AND HE SACRIFICES THE ROOK!!!!!!!!

  10. Chess player then didn't have cameras capable of capturing color, I see.

  11. a classic for classics on classics on fiiiah

  12. Bobby Fischer is so much better than magnus bro

  13. I think yankee doodle would've been a more appropriate background music than what they had!!!

  14. Chess Then : A gentleman's game
    Chess Now : High IQ Meme

  15. I love how the beat got harder when vishy arrives, crazy edit man❤❤

  16. To be fair Magnus and Hikaru are incredible chess players in their own right and possibly just as good as old gms.

  17. Yeah but Magnus us G.O.A.T in chess but whatever

  18. Old chess literally better 🥶🥶🥶🥶💪💪💪💪😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍

  19. I'd say chess is more fun today. Even if you're not good at chess the community accepts you.

  20. Love chess,but what the hell has this crap music got to do with it.

  21. When vidit Gujarati played his king next to hikaru's king😂😂😂

  22. chess players do get a bit quirky at night

  23. chess players back then: I shall fight to represent my own country and take down my opponent with ease.

    chess players now: hehahehah bongcloud

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