Chess Players Now vs Chess Players Then


  1. They are colourful now or what? The f's point of video🤨

  2. Don't know why but I just saw Chinese instead of chess

  3. Ok i agree bobby fischer and mikhail tal are very very extremly good, but bro, i dont understand whats wrong with now chess players? Theyere still literally extremly good like

  4. ❤❤❤ 😂😂I love this song so badly

  5. And the chess players in the future are better

  6. Did you know this game was created by one of the former kingdoms of India

  7. Previously it was for the supremacy of the Eastern vs the Western powers… 😊

  8. He is such a wonderful person. Just don't ask his opinions.

  9. once we all have AI implants, chess will be like

  10. Chess player then : king's gambit
    Chess player now : Queen's gambit

  11. Vishy Anand was used to show India’s supremacy over other nations

  12. Always feel proud of Vishy after 2 decades he is still in 9th position in global chess. Indians should play Chess in spite of Cricket or other games. Chess is an Indian-origin game and we should promote this game.

  13. What about chess football player messi and ronaldo?

  14. chess players then : playing for their lives
    chess players now : having fun

  15. That was the golden peak of chess and the most popular 😊

  16. Magnus Carlson is a champion of blitz in 2013,2014,2019 and many more
    Hikaru Nakamura i also a world champion

  17. More accurate title: chess players in colour vs chess players in black and white

  18. Chess players then: Im willing to train 18 hours a day for my countries honorable reputation

    Chess players now: Chess is misogynistic because the King is worth more than the Queen

  19. fischere lafım yok ama magnusla nakamura maçtan önce ztn anlaşmışlrdı

  20. Its so sad how people look at the downside of present day and the goodside of past day like focus on the good ones too bro

  21. imagine what tal, fisher, spassky and other chess gms from the past would think of if they saw what chess has turned to

  22. Current chess players are better than the old ones tho

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