Chess Players Now vs Chess Players Then


  1. So much pressure playing on spassky and fischer era. Chess was used as a political tool. You're not just playing for yourself but for the glory of your country.

  2. Can someone expect the first 2 for me i dont understand???

  3. I would win the chess with the top 1 chess player by just one knockout xD

  4. Don't worry bro Magnus can take on Fischer on any day & beat him to pulp just like he did it with Kasparov.

  5. Hero of the USSR, Grandmaster of Chess, Anatoly Karpov!

  6. Шахматы это целое искусство!

  7. chess players now: if Ke8, Nd6+, Qxd6, Rh8#

    chess players then: if king takes rook, viet cong will conquer south vietnam

  8. Modern chess players would smoke old chess players, the way they train is with computers💀

  9. М. Таль🚩🚩М. Ботвинник

  10. vishy was one of THE greatest of all times

  11. Vishwanathan Anand is Evergreen. Change my mind !!!

  12. Chess now: "Hehe funny opening"
    Chess them: ANTI-SEMITISM

  13. I didn't know Andrew Garfield used to be a big time chess player

  14. Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics☭ says:

    King e2 best move lolol

  15. salute to vishy
    he was & still competing with best of the best he's above 50 now👏👏

  16. Chess was created by Mandodari, Ravan's wife. Ravan used to go out for battles everyday within very short durations. So, Mandodari created Chess to prevent him from going out to battles and focus on the game.

  17. Chess players back then take games seriously but chess players now they play around and still win

  18. And then u should make ancient chess players the Indians

  19. I played chess since i was 1st grade i mastered it now i only losed 7 times in life for now

  20. Then was 10 soviet union players vs 1 American player

  21. You can't bet any of the chess players of today

  22. No one told him how Bobby Fischer actually was.

  23. chess then: political stuff blah blah blah
    chess now: bongcloud opening funny haha

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