Chess Opening TIER LIST for the Grandmaster Level with GothamChess

GM Hikaru Nakamura and IM Levy Rozman @GothamChess use @tiermaker to create a Chess Opening TIER LIST from the point of view of a very high rated GM. (We will rank openings for club players and lower later)

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0:00 Intro
0:17 Accelerated Dragon
4:20 Accelerated Caro Kann
6:53 Advance French
9:12 Alapin Sicilian
11:20 Alekhine’s Defence
13:20 Benoni
15:45 Berlin Defence
17:40 Bongcloud
19:11 Budapest Gambit
20:55 Caro Kann Defence
22:29 Catalan
24:31 Closed Sicilian
26:28 Danish Gambit
28:22 Dutch Defense
30:45 English Opening
32:41 Exch Caro Kann
35:54 Fools Mate
37:44 The Fred
39:00 Four Knights Italian
41:25 French Defense

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  1. Maroczy´s first name wasn´t Giga. It was Geza. And if Hikaru should start to call him Giza, the course of the pyramids of Giza will course him forever…..

  2. The hyperaccellerated dragon is the best Dragon

  3. the bongcloud: “you can play it when you’re high as a kite” actually made me laugh out loud lmaooo

  4. remember suspecting that kramniks prep seemed like a computer was making all the moves. Kasparov was also heavily using computers at the time

  5. When you only consider the modern benoni under benoni

  6. the pirc defence is great if you know what your doing however if you don’t know what to do then your going to lose however there are so many opportunities to beat your opponent

  7. the comment "king leading from the front" about the bongcloud killed me

  8. Where's the orangutan???! 1.b4 never gets the respect it deserves

  9. Calling the Alekhine Defense garbage flies in the face of chess history. Fischer won with it. Lev Alburt made a career out of it. Baburin was also an Alekhine lifer. Even Nick Defirmian said that the only problem with the Alekhine is just the fashion of the day. How can the Grünfeld be sound and the Alekhine NOT?? The Grünfeld's record in Candidates and World Championship play is WORSE than the Alekhine. They are both all about ceding white a huge center and fighting it mostly with piece play.

    The Alekhine is "garbage"?? That evaluation is more garbage-y than the Alekhine.

  10. Didnt know what any of the names mean x) .. apparently I ve been playing English : D

  11. 0:58 Guys, you are promoters of chess. Educators! People look up to you.
    IT'S PRONOUNCED MA-RO-TSY!! Stop perpetuating the toxic moroxy!

  12. "Chess is about sight seeing… at the end of the day" 🤣 (bongcloud)

  13. ah yes the English opening.. puts picture of BRITISH flag

  14. You guys have spent too much time on the bong.

  15. I think I did the four knights Italian game before I knew it was a thing I thought it was ok

  16. You may not think of agression when you think of scandinavia Hikaru. But take it from a Swede, when your blood basically consists of 95% pure alcohol, as is the case for the Danish… You're gonna try to throw a few punches. And probably fail miserably as Danes do.

  17. Throwback to when I started chess a year ago and couldn’t figure out which of the openings were for white or black😅

  18. Everyone says: the pieces in the Center is the most active piece

    After watching this video : Bongcloud op!!!!!!

    Everyone who did not watch this video: is he stupid

    But they dont know a GM called it the best opening (hikaru)

  19. I love how stupid the bongcloud is that it actually works.

  20. GHEE-zuh muh-RHOHT-zee, where the G is hard and the R is trilled.

  21. I've tried playing the Alekhine's Defense many times, and I agree that it's bad.

  22. I'm guessing the catalan would be in legendary now after seeing Magnus's success.

  23. Hikaru on exchange French: don’t play for a draw, play for a win.
    Also Hikaru: Berlin is da best

  24. They always rate the Caro-Kann so much higher than the French, and yet the French is more popular at EVERY level.

  25. I just want to know what that opeing riff is from?
    It's awesome, haha

  26. I came here looking for tips to make my opening seem to make sense. I'm leaving knowing even less….

  27. I love how the evaluation dropped to -1.78 after the second move when analyzing the bongcloud lmao

  28. this is one of my favorite videos on youtube. i'm no where near good enough to understand what what most of it means vut listening to these guys clown on chess openings is perfect background sounds to drift to sleep

  29. If Levy just stopped talking after his witty quip instead of continuing to self deprecate he would be insanely cooler and probably a better chess player

  30. This video is good for people like me who know no opening except H4-H5
    Or F3-G4

  31. I think it’s hilarious that Hikaru uses “hat” now after training that one girl in the London system

  32. Did Hikaru and Levy get Italian Four Knights wrong here? Black responding 3. …Nf6 sidesteps Italian Four Knights proper because of 4.Nc3?! d5! as mentioned in the video, but with the classical 3.Bc4 Bc5 avoiding the Fried Liver, 4.Nc3 Nf6 is just a chess game – Anand and Aronian have played it.

  33. I laughed at the Moroxy 😀 The opening was named after a Hungarian grandmaster, Maróczy Géza.

  34. My favorite opening is the Pirc defense XD

  35. Another nice thing about the bong cloud is that it improves the morale of the other pieces.

  36. i mean seeing the results of magnus and the adoption of the neo catalan by modern computers i dont see the catalan anywhere else than legendary no?

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