Chess Memes #69 | When Queen Gets Skewered

Chess Memes #69 | When Queen Gets Skewered

Luv u guys


If you’re looking to learn how to play chess and improve your Elo rating – watch out – this video might make you lose brain cells!

We have the best chess memes compilations to give you your daily dose of chess. We’ve got chess memes, blunders, and checkmates in our chess commentary.

We love chess memes, and we make these chess videos for you whether you’re a noob, pro, casual player, or the best in your friend group. Here to make you laugh 🙂 and to mail you a free cookie when you subscribe.


  1. I don't know but this youtuber Play kan kan made a video telling that topchess is ai don't thake this offending

  2. The horsey could have taken the pawn ♟️

  3. PLEASE don't tell me I'm the only one who wants to see the queens do the holy thing…

  4. 4:17 which would be a very bad move since that hangs a queen lol

  5. Me wondering why he didn’t move next to the king he could’ve taken the queen plus queen is protecting

  6. Someone actually made chess really interesting

  7. “Whats the most non-racist/wholesome thing you’ve seen?”

    Me: 3:49

  8. In 7:46 that the white king is a dumbo dumb dumb. the queen wil just died my the rook on a1

  9. White Queen : We die together and uhm we can perform the holy number in the afterlife
    Black Quenn : EW! no!
    Me : Oh hell na! I am out of here.

  10. 69th EPISODE!! But white king forgot about the other rook lol

  11. Me watching the holy number video with holy number charge 😉

  12. Anyone notice that the white rook never moved the entire game?

  13. Can you do episode 71 with a game mode. Please

  14. “We lived together
    We will die together
    Because both of us are bishop
    The colors don’t matter”

    Best thing I’ve ever heard 3:53

  15. "what special Thing"

    My brain: *gulp gulp gulp gulp*

  16. Now we say WAKANDA FOREVER or EBOMBAY now?

  17. 0:50 your horse could Take If He moved one square and then He could Go back???

  18. chess gets VERY exhausting in the endgame,its a battle of mental atriton near the end and buying time to make your opponent make a mistake its a valid tactic

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