Chess Legends: Top 100 Chess Players of All Time

Top 100 Best Grandmasters of All Time.


  1. Белявский советская легенда шахмат Каспаров не любил с ним играть

  2. Брехня! этого Магнуса двенадцатилетний пацан обыграл)))

  3. I think its top 100 chess players of nowadays

  4. Is that the higest rating of these chess players?

  5. Bro you forgot Mikhail Tal and just one correction Gary Kasparov should be no. 1, then Magnus and third is Bobby Fisher.

  6. this list is a bullshit when bobby fisher is number 21, and firouzja isnt in it

  7. pesimo video !! . solo tuvo en cuenta jugadores modernos, petrosian , botvinik, capablanca, lasker, tal etc nunca existieron ; caruana nakamura por encima de fischer por muchos puestos. jajajajaja

  8. I like how initially all GMs have a pawn (on top of their photo), then Radjabov onwards there are pieces. Only Kasparov and Carlsen qualify to have a King 👑 😇

  9. Pawn 83
    Bishop 4
    Knight 4
    Elephant 4
    Queen 3
    King 2

  10. If the Philippines supported the career of Wesley So, the Philippine Flag should have been waiving in 5th slot. But the Filipinos are proud because Wesley So is a natural born Filipino.

  11. Looks like Chess is a national game in Russia

  12. Fischer 21st?😂 Because of his ELO?🤣

  13. ناعادلانه است. ۱.کاسپاروف ۲. فیشر ۳. کارلسن۴.اناند ۵. میخائیل تال ۶. الخین ۷.نجم الدین اف ۸.

  14. Лютейшая дичь. Однозначно дизлайк

  15. Imagine spoiling your video in the thumbnail by showing us who’s #1, smh. /sarcasm

  16. I don't see in this list Mikhail Tal, Henrique Mecking, Capablanca, Paul Morphy.

  17. У Надирбека Абдусаттарова из Узбекистана , все ещё впереди ! Надирбеку только 19 лет. А у него рейтинг уже 2765 .

  18. Alekhine is the greatest chess player of all time.

  19. Hikaru Nakamura, Fabiano Caruana, Wesley So, Lernier Domínguez, Aronian. Great american names 🤭🤭🤭🤭

  20. This doesn’t show greatness of player. Many great player could have higher rating if they would play today. Fisher, Tal, Murphy, Capablanca,Alekhine, karov and many more.

  21. How am I supposed to read this name (chess player number 52)

  22. Súper Magnus Carlsen 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 es como Messi en el ajedrez el mejor de todos los tiempos

  23. Capablanca and Lasker should be 1 and 2

  24. The video title should be "the higher chess rating all time", this list is far from being the list of the best of players all time. A list where Bobby Fischer is in 21st place, a list without Paul Morphy, Capablanca, Botvinnik, Mikhail Tal, … they should all be on the list of the best chess players of all time. And there's a rating inflation, in the 19th and 20th centuries it was more difficult to reach the 2600, 2700, 2800 rating than nowadays. In short, having the highest rating doesn't mean being the best player (except for Magnus Carlsen, he's really the best in my opinion)

  25. رینتینگ‌رو‌‌. بی خیال.. بدون کش بهترین های تاریخ شطرنج برای همیشه ..اول آلخین. آست. با قدرت محاسبه بی نظیر که کسی مثلش نیست ..بعد گری کاسپاروف است بدون شک ..

  26. Nakamura is not from the united states though, he is but he born in Osaka Japan

  27. My favrator mikhail tal the lengend is missing in this list

  28. Lol, Bob Fisher at 21… And names like Paul Morphy and Mikhail Tal outside of this list… Something is wrong here, no?

  29. This is nonsense. Grade inflation should be taken into account.

  30. Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen The best in history!!!

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