Chess endgame Trick You Must Know

Chess endgame Trick You Must Know

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  1. When you check me, I can just take the pawn for free. Nothing's protecting it😑

  2. Why does the black king have to move to e7? Why can't he take the pawn on f7?

  3. Okay, so why not just take the second pawn with king? Theres no reason to let the second pawn promote, and even if you did, just capture the queen.

  4. Why would King go for e7 instead King takes f7??

  5. Isnt making a queen the same thing
    Queen : rook or bishop

  6. Владимир Величайший says:


  7. ??? Bro if you check my king with an unprotected pawn I'm just gonna take the pawn

  8. The pawn:Hello
    The king:why
    The player: can check mate

  9. what if the king blocks the pawn before he quene

  10. But what if he promoted his pawn and repeated the same moves after makig da ruukh

  11. White queens you take and then you’re forced to stalemate no you go in front of the pawn

  12. I can just kill the pawn after the brilliant move

  13. Instructions unclear, auto queen was on and I stalemated.

  14. When he checked with the second pawn the king can just take the pawn wtf

  15. while you was telling the blundered move your King was in c-6 and later the king was in d-7th square

  16. মোহাম্মদ আরিফুর রহমান says:

    What if king goes to f8 after capture 1st pawn?

  17. What if I just make a rook immediately. It won't be a stalemate once I take the 2 pawns as the king will have moves…

  18. Sha Rukh Khan would be proud of that Rookh 😂

  19. Darook is good but I think that ravioli is better

  20. Wait, so why don’t you Queen the pawn, take the sacrificed queen, and then just take the pawn?

  21. Wait a minute cant black just play king to e5 after white makes the second queen

  22. But the Queen can do the same things as the Rook so why wouldn't the White Pawn move to e8 and promote to Queen?

  23. After promotion I'll immediately sacrifice (blunder) "da ruuukh".

  24. Im confused as to why you wouldn't just take the second pawn with your king, would someone please explain it to me?

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