Chess endgame Trick You Must Know

Chess endgame Trick You Must Know

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  1. I thought stalemate is a win for the dominant player😮

  2. I'm so confused. How can you mate from here? It's white to play. KH5 followed by RH8 leads to KG4 and white has broken off the side. If at any point black moves R off the 8th rank without checking white's K, white queens and wins.

  3. The way you say "DA ROOKH" made one of my friends say the same way as you. Haha.

  4. When you don't know stalemate exists, it sounds incredibly wrong that picking a piece with the same moves plus more would be worse than picking the other. Im very happy now that i learned "stalemate"

  5. Bruh no one was protecting that queen he could has killed him with ease

  6. สวนพันธุ์ศิริ says:

    What if i take the second pawn before it queening

  7. Why not get a queen and do the same thing?

  8. Bro the queen is rook and bishop … so the queen better thsn rook

  9. Why the black just don’t take the pawn in F7? 💀💀💀💀💀

  10. You can do the same thing using queen here, instead of rook.
    By using queen you have diagonal movement as advantage.

  11. Him: I'm sure you can win this, righ?
    Me: That's where you're wrong kiddo

  12. Pawn f7, him:"you put your king away" me that takes it cause i live to do that

  13. Dont the queen make the same moves as da ruuuk?

  14. Him : I'm sure you know how to win this right?
    My 300 rated elo ass :👁️👄👁️

  15. Here what the hell the King did not took the pawn

  16. This is why I hate it when people make chess gender changing pawn jokes💀

  17. I expected him to shout "THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOOK!"

  18. In the first scenario why can’t you just take the pawn

  19. Black does not need to dodge White's check from second pawn. He can just take it and it still won't be stalemate

  20. Wait of you go in front of the second pawn you easely win don't you,he can only move the king and all his move don't influence the ending

  21. Great now I have to wait until a 1 and a billion chance to try this trick that could go wrong

  22. But the queen can do more than rook and same

  23. How in the world is queening a blunder? You could just move it exactly like the rook.

  24. How to win endgame : King takes pawn black king moves near rook whites protects black moves one square below rook to the edge of the board or the black kings file and then checkmate.

  25. what if he scarifices the pawn while you ROOKH whats the diff duh

  26. Da rukh to H8 and bro cant move cuz king or rukh is gonna kill

  27. The second white pawn was uprotected and the black king can take when check

  28. When the pawn checked him he couldve just taken

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