Chess Elo Rating Comparison – Magnus Carlsen, Agadmator, Stockfish and more!

In this video we explore the ratings of chess players starting from 100 elo beginners and working all the way up to the world champions of the past and beyond into the world of computer chess!

Featured in this video: Agadmator, Alexandra Botez, ChessNetwork, Eric Rosen, John Bartholomew, Chessbrah, Alireza Firouzja, Deep Blue, Hikaru Nakamura, Viswanathan Anand, Garry Kasparov, Magnus Carlsen, Stockfish, AlphaZero and Leela Chess Zero!

Thanks to the following resources for helping me create this video:
– for finding the peak ratings of current players.
– CCRL rating list, used to “anchor” the ratings of the higher elo computers from the FGRL to lower elo computers.
– considered the best rating list for comparing the strongest computers. Includes Leela. Numbers here were compared with numbers in CCRL to produce an estimated rating list in this video for a wide range of engines.
– the chess programming wiki, extremely useful information on engines including release date of different versions and tournament victories.
– win/draw/loss probability calculator. Here I assumed a logistic distribution for every entity in the list in accordance with what the USCF and FIDE use. It’s not perfect, but it’s a good approximation.

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  1. I wish Bobby fischer reached a higher rating.

  2. I dont see my chess profile on here, i managed to get -100 elo chess rating

  3. You forgot @ChessBase India Channel's owner Sagar Shah..He has more than 2400+ Elo Rating in chess

  4. Awesome video man, would appreciate if you could do a similar version just with online chess ^^
    For example average 1500 Lichess player vs 1500 player and so on.

  5. very good comparison video, but there's a problem, comparing between human and computer is unrealistic, because they have a seperated elo points, caus human and computer don't play each other, which mean if we convert computer elo to fide elo, it can be increased by at least 2x, for example, there's no way magnus can beat SF NNUE even in a million games

  6. Bro, so you're telling me that agadmator has a chance vs. Magnus?

  7. 6:23 , doesnt make sense cause Agad could never have a win against Carlsen in classical chess, it would not happen

  8. the thing with bots is, it won't blunder therfore it probably doesn't lose against anything lower rated. Especially if that opponent is human, since humans blunder.

  9. 0:36 can someyone explain to me why the fuck an engine that plays completely random moves is rated this highly?

  10. 1:11 why is 1000 the absolute floor what does this mean?

  11. Could Magnus beat even once against Stockfish DD?

    I would like to see the statistic between them….

  12. Rybka 2.3.2a is last version of free Rybka chess engine Rybka 3 fixed the bug but is not free

  13. 4:03 he is cheated 5:03 Deep blue too his rating must be 2400 but GM helped them 5:19 unoffical world champion 1975-2005 Fischer
    5:46 Fritz is lucky he is losing aganist Kramnik 2-0 Kramnik but then he beat him 4 times in row
    Louis Eichborn rating 2898 (provisional) 2895 Fischer chessmetrics which have more accuracy and modern rating system compared to FIDE he shows Kasparov is 2# in 2005 but FIDE shows he is 1#

  14. Chess engines rated are inflated too much Rybka 2.32a should be 2965
    Stockfish 15 should be 400 elo lower than his actual rating

  15. I beat stockfish 12. Whenever i am about to get mated. Just shit on the board and assert dominance

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