Ratings vs. USCF/FIDE Ratings

What is your USCF/ FIDE rating based off of your rating? Find out in this video! rating to USCF/FIDE 0:40 rating to FIDE 1:06

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  1. Bullet 600 Blitz 1000 Rapid 1100 Puzzles 2300 xD Lichess Blitz 1600No fide 🙁

  2. Nice vid! The formulas worked for me.
    I have a FIDE Rating 1600 and My rating is 1498.

  3. Funny. My bullet rating on is over 2000, but my blitz is only 1750-1800ish at the moment – nowhere near the 2075 this chart predicts.

  4. i have a 2511 ratinng rapid and 2302 blitz ratings and still im unrated

  5. I forgot my elo, since i am playing mor ein 10 x better… love the tournament there…
    my lichess account is fastismything which just hit 2300 ( but I am guessing i am around 2200-2350 at any given point. lags to much… super slow to play, just my two cents.Also, I never played otb only 10 years ago, beat and lost to a couple 1700s. But, I am sure my USCF elo should be 2000+ at least. eitherway, hit me up for 1 min games. I love that. If you make a liches account hit me up, I play 1 min games mostly.

  6. I played my first official tournament this past month. My chess knowledge is from chessmaster GM edition academy and watching youtube videos and hundreds of blitz games.. my blitz rating was 1700 when I started the tournament. and my OTB USCF rating ended up ~1750.

  7. My rating on blitz & 1 minute is 1450-1500, and my tactics trainer peak was 1800, and now about 1670. Unrated real life, and playing online 5 years

  8. Very few people have noticed that now and then the rating of a certain player and probably the average rating increases and subsequently decreases about 200 points. An example, 3 weeks ago i raised my blitz rating from 1650 to 1840 in 2 weeks and subsequently i got my ass kicked several times so my rating decreased to 1668. Both of the ratings cannot be true. Within a week i cannot be 200 elo better or worse.I also noticed that as a 1700 player in the way down (from 1840 to 1670) i got destroyed by other 1700-1750 players, who had an all time best personal rating of about 2000. It is possible that new players of my relaltive strength (1650-1840) were added in the last to weeks what caused this rating deflation. Can anyone explain this phenomenon?

  9. Does anyone else find their Blitz and Bullet ratings to be far different nowadays? I'm about 1300 bullet and 1600 blitz. And that's even when I compare 2+1 (bullet) to 3+0 (blitz) which are practically the same time control.

  10. My standard fide rating is 1850 atm,Im stronger than my rating though i just didnt compete in any tournament,my blz is 2100-2150 and mu bullet is 2200

  11. Sadly doesnt work 4 me blitz rating is aboutb1300-1500
    Fide 1350 blitz
    1220 standard 🙁

  12. On I'm like 1300 and on lichess I'm 1650-1700… how is this possible

  13. Good luck! This is a channel with Lectures and Topics for Chess Arbiters!

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