Chess com rating vs Lichess org ratings #shorts

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  1. It should be 0 until you prove a thing or 2.

  2. I agree but want your 2000+ its your real rating😅

  3. I'm 1750 in USCF rating, 1900 on chesscom, and 2100 on Lichess if that helps.

  4. Chess com rating—400=fide rating
    Lichess rating—550=fide rating
    They have 150 points gap almost infact if you go higher lichess rating gap is less
    For example i am 2150 chess com 2240 lichess

    On lichess above 2200 competition is intense on chess com above 2100 competition is intense

  5. I don't think I am a 2000 rapid in lichess, I started in January 2023

  6. I doubt if you're even over 1500 elo, pretty sure you don't understand how rating system works. The "500" difference you are talking about, nullifies after 2000+. I have been there man.

  7. Im 1800 in chess and 2300 in lichess XD

  8. Elo hell doesn't exist on Lichess and everything's free though

  9. I'm 1600 on CC and 1800 on Lichess. I'm now confused

  10. Blitz in lichess is 200-250 higher than Fide. Not 500.

  11. So i was 2008 my real rating is 2508😂😂😂 but still my friends call me noob

  12. The more people move to lichess the more the elo score even out.

  13. people forget that rating is just for proper matchmaking.

  14. nah 200-300 is lichess, 500 is way overblown

  15. Not 500, it’s like 200-300. Also both e arbitrary and the rating that really matters is USCF/ FIDE or whatever is used in your country

  16. Rating doesn't matter. Lichess has free analysis and free puzzles which matters to everyone.

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