Chess Bots Are Going Too Far

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  1. Nah, Chatgpt gets a taste of his own medicine

  2. I got two of the same videos in a row. Try to find the exact same comment on the other video.

  3. Chat gpt in 2069 playing chess in move 1: King takes e1

  4. This is how your just-beginner younger sibling plays..(And you are forced to accept the checkmate.)🤦

  5. This not even the tip of the iceberg in the whole video

  6. Their way of thinking is so advance that we can't comprehend it

  7. when the queen get the ability of the horsey to jump around

  8. Chess bot are dumb😂 🤣🤣

  9. no wtf checkmate chad gpt had Kxa1

  10. I remember playing chatGPT once and chatGPT made his knight a bishop 😂

  11. You're advancing the wrong Queen. The Queen giving checkmate was actually on i10

  12. This is how to focus on your aim properly😂

  13. How dare you use my own spell against me Potter😂

  14. Two nights ago, I played bard and it literally resigned, saying it couldn’t play chess after move 9

  15. Google bard playing like an 800 elo blindfolded lmao.

  16. Google just combines a knight with a queen and thinks he can get away with it

  17. Googlebard playing checkers, while chatgpt playing chess🗿

  18. And he sacrifices… THE RUUUULES!!!

  19. It's playing 4D chess. You just didn't know. Move is legal. Queen moved through the 4th dimension to capture on that square.

  20. that is why Leon edwards has the most aesthetic body in the universe

  21. Bard's queen was once a knight😂😂😂

  22. Bard's queen was once a knight😂😂😂

  23. Chatgpt: captures his own peices
    Also chatgpt: NooO yOU CAnt Do tHaT Its ILlegel

  24. This is officer Rambo from fbi,Gotham u can't keep forcing them to do these things anymore,it's getting out of hand stop hiding

  25. If queen have bishops and rooks move why not knights jumping?

    – probably google bard

  26. Thats what happen when u force someone or "something" 💀

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