CHESS 1500 Rapid Rating Climb

Chess was LIVE on the Bobby Bo Show



  1. Sometimes Bobby has beautiful tactics and sometimes also has the kind of moves that make me throw up my arms in dispair and yell at the screen like a crazy person. either way i keep comming back to the BobbyBo show.. (classical playlist is getting stale though)

  2. Kings Gambit is an S tier opening for under 1800 it's my favorite weapon online

  3. Some people are crazy about fortnite literally

  4. Im around 1455 elo. I’d love to watch your stream when you do another one of these. Maybe I’ll let you steal some of my elo too 😂

  5. Man this exercise in counting is rough

  6. ngl i’ve used the Kings Gambit since like June exclusively as white where I can, but maybe it is advantageous to learn a more solid opening like the Queens Gambit for learning more positional concepts and playing more solidly. I heard some similar criticism about the Caro Kann (yes, the most solidest solid of solid openings) because it doesn’t prepare you for defending open games because it leads to a closed/semi-closed position every time.

    I know a really popular piece of advice is to try and stick to a set repitoire in order to increase ELO but maybe learning multiple different kinds of openings is good for improving in the long term to teach you more.

    (idk why i left this comment, it’s 5am and I’m slightly drunk but im curious)

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