Busting a Poor Sport & Rating Abuser | Standard Chess #282 (Sicilian Defense)

Compared to the Center Game (1.e4 e5 2.d4) or the Scandinavian (1.e4 d5), 1.e4 c5 2.d4 cxd4 3.Qxd4 fails to impress, because White loses time with his queen and trades a center pawn for a wing pawn. My opponent’s moves appear disjointed – especially capturing on c6 and playing h2-h4 after castling – and I soon build a winning position. Afterwards, it becomes apparent my stalling-when-lost opponent was also abusing the rating system on Chess.com.

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  1. I wonder if studying chess wouldn't be a more productive use of this guy's time.

  2. I don’t understand why someone would fake their rating like that. Of course they get crushed by a tilted player. Plus, you’re going to get mad and sulk when you lose? None of it makes any sense to me.

  3. Recommended to me 3 years later, and I enjoyed like the new ones!

  4. Russian who is a poor sport and can't lose without throwing a tantrum. Why am I totally not surprised 😂. Must be Putin's illegitimate son.

  5. Lmao that was hilarious how John was ending the video and the opponent made a move. This guy is my absolute favorite! Cannot believe he isn't married!

  6. Are your videos laced with drugs? I'm still addicted to these rapid videos, keep it up john!

  7. Always a shame to play an opponent like this. I wonder why they bother doing it.

  8. Very very rarely, even when he encounters a cheater, is that part of the title John puts out. Even before watching the video, I'm morbidly curious what this player did to get normally calm John to call him out.

  9. Good effort on catching a rating abuser. Still an instructive video nonetheless!

  10. Also John, when a channel is growing as fast as yours there's bound to be some criticism. Most of the people criticizing have never taught chess or had a youtube channel(like me) so take our feedback with a grain of salt, and definitely don't let it get to you, as there are so many people who appreciate every video you put out!

  11. Really happy to hear you are going to do your proudest accomplishments. That’s awesome!!! Was hoping you would do not just wins but draws in lost positions etc… would really help us understand the thought process of what you consider big accomplishments having a greater understanding of chess than us. Maybe even games you were proud of when you were younger and feel less strongly about now. Love your channel John, hope to see it get a lot more attention as you work towards the allusive GM title!

  12. I really do hate when players do this. Its one of the most spiteful, petty and useless things you can do when playing chess online.

  13. It's just sad to see people trying to cheat the system. You literally don't get a single thing for a high rating outside of a personal feeling of accomplishment. Play normally. Enjoy a good game for what it is and play fair.

  14. Love the commitment to the content creation , much appreciated and thanks for such interesting and colourful content 🙏❤

  15. I'm surprised to hear that there are some people who consider these easy wins as not instructive. Every bit of thought process shared by John is instructive, and if people can't get something out of it then it is probably more their approach to learning chess than anything else. For instance, in the opening of this game – I was very interested to see how John wasn't at all worried about e5 and how he explained his ideas with the knight in the case of e5. I often don't play Nf6 myself because of the threat of e5 and I learned here that there are several ways to counter that which I hadn't considered previously.

  16. I find all your videos helpful. Helps me always ask why it's a good or bad position/move and it is swiftly answered by you either way. Thank you for your videos!!

  17. Thank you for posting. Who tf has so much time on their hands for seemingly zero upside? Truly baffling.

  18. John I admire your attitude towards life. You're a good man. Most wholesome personality in the chess community

  19. What's the point of having a high rating that's fake?

  20. These are actually the worst type of players!!! So spiteful they want to harm you by wasting your time. Not even abandoning the game. Pretend to abandon for 6 min make stupid move. Terrible horrible people!!!!!!

  21. So why must people do this ?

    Thanks Jhon 4 the video .

  22. Personally, I like the spread of opponent qualities, early mistakes, tough battles, etc.. None of us will ever play perfect chess and it's critical to learn what not to do as well as what to do. Frequently I catch things your lower rated opponents miss, but not always and it's good to learn without having to take the loss myself!

  23. As usual, you set the bar high in terms of a classy response to uncouth behavior John. Thanks for providing such an excellent example of the highest standard of sportsmanship. Also, the learning opportunity was not lost because you kept your cool and made use of the other guy's wasted time. Bravo!

  24. Hi, John! I love your instructional videos bc they help me tremendously! How can I get a chance to play you sometime? I'm on chess.com as "Messedupchess" and lichess as "forkingbishops". Thanks

  25. Been watching GingerGM for awhile and your match with him came up and lead me here. I enjoy the stark contrast between your approaches. These 15-minute game videos are every bit as good as Simon's even if we aren't shoving anything up anyone's pipe and making them smoke it.

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