Busting a Poor Sport & Rating Abuser | Standard Chess #282 (Sicilian Defense)

Compared to the Center Game (1.e4 e5 2.d4) or the Scandinavian (1.e4 d5), 1.e4 c5 2.d4 cxd4 3.Qxd4 fails to impress, because White loses time with his queen and trades a center pawn for a wing pawn. My opponent’s moves appear disjointed – especially capturing on c6 and playing h2-h4 after castling – and I soon build a winning position. Afterwards, it becomes apparent my stalling-when-lost opponent was also abusing the rating system on Chess.com.

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  1. I'm guessing this guy's rating is about 1300. He lost nine and won one against a 1600. I'm 1600/1700 myself, and think that's about the score I could get against a 1300.

    I kinda understand why he cheating on the rating, if he wanted the opportunity to play some really good players and get some experience. It's still a douche move, but I could understand how he benefits from it. But then he really showed his true colours when he didn't show respect and resign in a lost position, just wasting time like that. That really shows he's not even about cheating his way to get to play good players and challenge himself, he's just a poorly developed person with an ego problem who can't tell right from wrong.

  2. I often play poorly thought out moves like this player did, so even these crushing wins help improve my game.

  3. I agree with your comments about the Bfx7 video, John. Everyone will have their opinions. You produce enough content that there should be no real complaints. Plus you do an analysis at the end, so regardless what happens it is instructive(and or entertaining).

  4. 23:57 for those who just want to watch the postscript by john and him looking at the abuser's profile and explanation.

    they basically just had multiple accounts resign in 1 move against them to boost their rating, played like a much lower rated player (1000 points lower?) in this video, and stalled for many minutes in absolutely lost positions

  5. "Don't do anything this player did." That goes for abusing the system on chess.com and on the board.

  6. Great job on this video john. Very entertaining as always and blasting these cheaters helps the community in my opinion. Great stuff, loving your constant stream of videos latelu. Im really grateful for that john, take care !

  7. You know in terms of instructive content, i have commonly found that the most instructive moves for myself were the moves that you did not heavily remark upon. For instance, in this video you talked a bit about that h4 move; however the most instructive thing for me was Qb6. I really loved that move because you developed the queen, set up the tactic with the bishop, and prevented your opponent from developing his bishop by putting pressure on b2. Like, the queen and bishop plan is what won the game aside from your opponent's poor moves.

  8. I had an opponent like this in an OTB game. I had a crushing attack against him, and by move 24 I was up a Queen, Bishop and a Pawn for a Rook. Yet, he sat for a good 5 – 10 minutes each move, and made me play out the game until checkmate. He was perfectly entitled to do this, there is no rule against this. He wasn't checkmated and he had time left, he had the right to play. However I couldn't help but feel it was done out of poor sportsmanship.

  9. Mis-titled. Climbing the Rating Ladder (1100)

  10. I just wanted to speak up and say I support your content!

  11. hi john.no channel has such an awsome stuff. can u plz make some opening videos .ofcourse that will not harmyour chessable
    hrdwork. Some opening ideas(u may save the whole repertoire for chessable)will be helpful to us

  12. I really don't agree with the guys who say "I didn't get anything from a video". In the book studying chess made easy, Andrew soltis says "Every diagram is a lesson ". Just like that there is always something to takeaway from the games of lower rated players. Am i right John?

  13. Thanks for your daily videos john 😃…Annoying guy by the way, but this people are like that because of lack of affection and/or intelligence. Poor guy 😕.

  14. Эх, Егорка, ты, сын затрещины, вошь из-под ногтя в собутыльники…

  15. "So…. obviously… don't do anything this player did. Anyways…" LOLOL

  16. Personally, I still find good value in some of the "blowout" videos because of your good conversion technique. Converting an advantage is something I am sure all of us could do better and your attitude concerning relaxation in chess is also instructive!

    Also, Im surprised it has taken you this long to find one of these people haha. I feel like I run into time wasters every day 😅

  17. John makes the perfect model! ERM um I meant ROLE model! Sorry 😳😳🤐

  18. Always be careful playing rating abusers if you get them too often and beat them your account would be indistinguishable from their rating manipulation accounts and your account might get closed too

  19. Bad sports are unfortunately a plague in the online chess world, especially prevalent at lower rating levels. Watching your attitude in these situations has helped me remain calm and take the high road. Thanks as always John!

  20. Loved the premier episode of the new YouTube series: John Bartholomew, Chess Detective

  21. i love the climbing the rating ladder there really instructive on how to punish bad moves for one , thanks for the lessons

  22. In terms of rating class, an IM; in terms of classiness, good sportsmanship, and a positive attitude, beyond a Super GM.

  23. I absolutely LOVE your videos. All of them, especially the ones that are different or quick or exotic. Also, your attitude is just too awesome. You're a wonderful person.

  24. For those who complain anything of videos in this channel, you are more than welcome to find a chess private tutor and pay $65/hr.

  25. Whoever be the opponent, whether instructive or not, I am always a fan of John!!!

  26. Whenever I play chess now I have Johns voice narrating my game in my head! 😂

  27. Thanks for the video, John! I totally agree with you, you should post those blow outs as well. Even if there is no real fight there is a lot of instructional value in your comments. And besides that I enjoy watching you play chess 🙂

  28. Our teacher John so busy…doing instructive videos, loading them up on YouTube…fun video to post on April Fool's day…Exploiting and reporting system abusers… 🙂

  29. Another comment wanting to say that ALL of your content is incredibly enjoyable and instructive/constructive/productive(even the blow outs), LOVING the daily uploads, it’s the perfect way to end my day and I look forward to them very much. Thanks for everything John!

  30. Hi John. Climbing the rating ladder it is totally awesome. I am a brazilian beginner, playing regularly just two months ago. Recently i have increased from 544 to over 750 in 8 days on chess.com. But but since then I have been stagnant on blitz. Meanwhile i have increased consistently on Tatics Rating, approaching to 1000. I expected this to be reflected in my blitz rating, but that is not the case. People always say that beginners should practice tactics, but I'm afraid that's not enough. What can I do? Aside keep doing tactics. Thanks again, your channel is very inspirational to young players like me.

  31. I've had opponents play maybe a few moves then let the clock run out hoping I'd resign. Usually I don't and just watch a game being played or do something else while the clock runs down and take the win by time.

  32. As someone who's not particularly good at chess, but wants to improve, I find the lower rated games incredibly useful. Thank you John for breaking down your thought processes – – learning not just what but how you are thinking is invaluable.

  33. John I really enjoy watching you play and narrate your games. There is always something to learn, and you are very good at explaining. Online chess can be quite an adventure. I am surprised that your opponent after going through all the trouble to artificially inflate his rating didn't use an engine against you. Either way, you busted him. Great work.

  34. I’m so glad I stumbled on johns channel from that Excalibur Chess computer video

  35. i actually enjoyed this video and the bxf7 one … it has an idea i never thought about before … this one also … when you played d5 i wanted to play qc7 preparing d5 … cuase after qc7 he wont have e5 .. turns out d5 was good … thats one thing … any way thanks alot john … and have a nice day mate

  36. A Russian acting in bad faith?

    Shocked, I tell you.

  37. I wrote a post on chess.com a couple of weeks ago about poor sportsmanship. It's annoying but there's not much you can do about it. And yesterday, I played a game and my evenly matched opponent said "No point to take your challenge now I have more points than you now." — So he only plays lower rated players?

    Here's the forum post I mentioned: https://www.chess.com/forum/view/general/poor-sportsmanship-12

  38. You are a great educator. When I watch you play chess, I feel like I am actually learning something. Thank you very much! 🙂

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