Busting a Poor Sport & Rating Abuser | Standard Chess #282 (Sicilian Defense)

Compared to the Center Game (1.e4 e5 2.d4) or the Scandinavian (1.e4 d5), 1.e4 c5 2.d4 cxd4 3.Qxd4 fails to impress, because White loses time with his queen and trades a center pawn for a wing pawn. My opponent’s moves appear disjointed – especially capturing on c6 and playing h2-h4 after castling – and I soon build a winning position. Afterwards, it becomes apparent my stalling-when-lost opponent was also abusing the rating system on Chess.com.

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  1. always learn something from your videos .. thank you

  2. Oh from the title I thought you explained what you thought about american football and that you gave a grade to a mean person.

  3. Do they not realise they need to do something about rage quitters? This would be frightfully simple to fix: a dead lost position can be analysed by computers, so: 1. judge from move times that someone might be just doing a walkaway; 2. Send to Stockfish for a quick eval; 3. Give a warning; 4. Offer the other player (JB here) the option of claiming victory. This strikes me as painfully simple. It's why I stopped playing this sort of nonsense.

  4. This is my first time even seeing you…. Thanks Google recommendations! Your thinking out loud is awesome info!

  5. I love your teaching style and already am learning a lot from you regarding the whys of a move, developing positional strength, and responding to threats without freaking out. Thanks man.

  6. I'm a chess noob so please explain it like I'm five. What happened on e5 just after you tool the pawn with your knight?

  7. The guy boosted his account by playing against a second account called miklohggvv… lmao.

  8. I have no idea what any of these fancy terms mean, I know how to play chess due to playing with my dad all the time, but I have no clue what dude was talking about with board states at the start.

  9. Buddy im in to the low cheese place but your looking for a real challenge

  10. Wow. I didn't know that this sort of thing happened. No wonder you defeated such a "high rated" player so quickly and easily. Nevertheless, nice tactics by you. Thanks for posting this.

  11. What's the point in artificially inflating your rating? Surely that just ensures that you're outclassed over and over again when it comes to playing a real player with a genuine high rating

  12. I have never seen any of your videos before but that was some really clear explanations!

  13. There should be a system implemented on these chess websites for toxic behavior such as this guys.

  14. What kind of tea are you drinking? I saw the tag dangling from your cup. 😎

  15. I clearly have no talent for crime, so let me try to understand this. This guy creates a bunch of fake accounts, plays one move, then resigns on the fake account, which keeps bumping his rating up? So on the rare occasion he plays a real game, he gets slammed? He then assumes nobody will ever look and see all these one move games? And the only possible benefit is to show his buddies his rating? Then as soon as one person checks his games and turns him in, all that work just disappears? Is that right?

  16. I might suck at chess compared to an IM or GM but I never stoop to cheating.

  17. I report people all the time for verbal abuse, cheating etc… And not just from my games but checking others as well and have gotten lots of good results. So yeah don't be abusive and don't be a child and cry when lost and don't CHEATTTTTT!!!

  18. I hate those guys make you wait – and one guy – he really waited till 1:30 and then started playing again, hoping i was in the kitchen or so…

  19. The really great thing about chess is that it's not up to interpretation. There is a clear winner or a draw.

  20. I could tell from about move 5 this guy is like a 1300 level player.

  21. Why did this video in particular get so many views relatively?

  22. Totally agree with your assessment 12:00. Lots of different skill levels watching. I'm a complete noob and so I definitely appreciate seeing my inevitable future…especially if i get the chance to play someone with a rating much larger than me…which is probably the best way to learn i would imagine.

  23. It's so easy to research these cheaters. Thanks for a fun game and great breakdown, including exposing a cheater honestly.

  24. Imagine how sad your life has to be to cheat the rating system of an online chess website, lol

  25. tnx for sharing… players who jst stop moving like this have always been a mystery to me

  26. im a deranker on chess.
    oh boy, when non esports gamers experience derankers the first time, they get salty because im deranking.

  27. ugh I totally wanted to see the moves leading to checkmate I'll say it, just 10x the footage or something, need closure

  28. Chris D'Elia cleaned up and started playing chess

  29. Very calm and well explained Video. Subscribed!

  30. That was very informative. Thank you for this.

  31. Online ratings often seem imprecise. I left at 10 minutes, after black wins the exchange and the center pawn the game soon loses interest.

  32. This is very instructive. Please continue these kinds of videos.

  33. Don't know much about chess, also have no idea what this was doing in my recommended. That being said great vid, love watching these type of people getting crushed!

  34. I played a 30 minute game the other day, blundered 7 times… my opponent blundered 5 times. Still instructive. Played a game smashed my opponent in 14 moves… still instructive. Look deeper into the easier wins and difficult losses, you'll always learn from them. Great video! 2nd video of yours that I've watched. Your approach to the games and way you explain them is fantastic for me. I Subscribed on the spot in this video lol 🙂 cheers John

  35. Sorry for being so stupid but could someone very kindly explain to me what's going on here….? How does Egg1991 benefit from taking 3 minutes to make an only move? Or is John taking him to task for being petty & a sore loser? And the multiple accounts – what's that all about? ……… !? Thanks!

  36. What happened at 8:32? Knight takes pawn then bishop moves to where the knight was?

  37. I am 2 minutes in, i have no idea why this showed on my recommended, i have no idea what the fuck you are saying, but i am pretty captivated already

    Edit: on turn 20(?) when you moved queen to C5 and put white in check, why not move bishep to E3? put white in check, force the king to move or rook to take bishop and then take rook with queen, putting white back in check? i'm not chess pro, just would like some insight on that play. Time stamp 14:20

  38. I dont know why im here but this mans knowledge itself is just fun to watch, even tho most things he says takes me a few seconds to understand what hes saying

  39. I think you shoudn’t call someone out on the internet. People are people at the end of the day. Never had a prob with your content but I feel the title is kind of hateful. You kind of attacked him about making bad moves. Felt a negative vibe regardless of his conduct.

  40. I am watching this, and being like WTF are you talking about. Sicilian and all that jazz.

  41. came to maybe learn chess, became more confused lmao

  42. I was thinking about it and how easy it would be to actually cheat. Just play against AI on hardest difficulty and make sure you put in your opponents moves exactly and then just react exactly how the master AI does

  43. I guess if an online game exists, even the like of online chess, Russians will try to abuse the system

  44. What was that move at 8:35? Takes with the knight, then replaces with the bishop?

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