Busting a Poor Sport & Rating Abuser | Standard Chess #282 (Sicilian Defense)

Compared to the Center Game (1.e4 e5 2.d4) or the Scandinavian (1.e4 d5), 1.e4 c5 2.d4 cxd4 3.Qxd4 fails to impress, because White loses time with his queen and trades a center pawn for a wing pawn. My opponent’s moves appear disjointed – especially capturing on c6 and playing h2-h4 after castling – and I soon build a winning position. Afterwards, it becomes apparent my stalling-when-lost opponent was also abusing the rating system on Chess.com.

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  1. well this is called wintrading (in league of legends), didnt think it would be in chess too 😀

  2. Why would you take the bishop at move 17 with the a8 rook instead of the King? I would feel like the King is safer on f8 at that time and there is no advantage for the rook at f8.

  3. I'm not that good at chess, but couldn't you move your bishop at 13:47 to d4 with check?

  4. I don't understand how people get such high ratings and still play so bad
    Edit:So i just watched the full video and I understand how

  5. Love the commentary. Excellent learning opportunity

  6. Various ways of cheating and dirty tricks- some strange people in the world, sad really

  7. Wow, I will probably sound noob here but I never thought about that with the fake accounts to build rating. My rating is pretty low, but I experiment a lot and have a pretty crazy lose rate :-). Good video

  8. Hey, so I'm certainly not an expert by any means, but it seems like john missed an easy chance to get the guys queen very early (2:07). His knight was two moves away from a split between king, queen, and rook, and i dont see any easy way they could have stopped it in one move. Was that a missed opportunity or am I the one missing something?

  9. sean mcvay making the best chess videos on YouTube

  10. Sorry guys I'm a bit of a casual here, but why did he take his own Knight at 08:35?

  11. This is a very instructive video of why you shouldn't inflate your ratings in any way. It will just make you look so stupid loosing to a (seemingly) much lower rated player.

  12. You have good character and your videos are well worth the time! You don't get too serious, and that's probably your best Ace on the table.

  13. JB: Hard to get away with flank pawn pushes..
    GingerGM: Let's chuck Harry up the board!

  14. 24:00
    I love how John comes back like

    "Hey guys, this is John…!"
    Meanwhile he is annihilating white.
    This out of context would be hilarious.

  15. Hey John, I'm pretty new to chess, but I wanted to say that I love your content and style. You have a calm demeanor and a real talent for communicating to your viewers. Thank you so much for all of this content you've made…I have a lot to learn, and I appreciate the tools you're providing.

  16. Hello, your content is the most wholesome ever.

  17. What exactly is the point? Build your rating up so every game you play you get absolutely throttled? Maybe I’m missing something.

  18. This guy was definitely not 2300, this guy was 1400 at best. I'm 1700 and I would have crushed him easily

  19. So, this is pretty much how it would go if I played you, only I would play my King sacrifice move earlier.

  20. It's so embarrassing that he is my compatriot. Why on Earth smb needs this? So silly and disappointing

  21. I absolutely love reporting players like this!

  22. The level Igor played is more like 1000 not 2300 rating..

  23. Playing standard time controls at 2300 level every second player is some type of cheat or abuser

  24. I don't understand the point of faking your rating, the rating system actually sets up matches with opponents of a similar level so that the games are enjoyable.

  25. Wow this guy literally lost every legit game he played.

  26. Excellent video, excellent attitude

  27. at around 7:30 when he says his opponent is making "strange, disjointed, and downright bad moves" it's near creepy how logically John thinks. — The "Strange" seems to refer to the opening where he pulled the queen out to d4 rather than going for that gambit. the "disjointed" I think refers to playing h4 after castling, and the "downright bad" refers to the Nc3 blunder.

  28. All of those unfair cheaters should be banned permanently at once. And ur attitude even towards such an annoying person just shows how sensible of a person are you. Thanks for the content, we learn from each and every video you post john! 🙂

  29. Every thought process you have is instructive regardless of how tense or strategic the game is. Granted I'm only 750 rated, so hearing how you think of the game and basic processes and tactics really help me.

  30. I love the fact that you share instructive 15 mins games, so many streamers now just go full viking blitz or bullet all day, this is way more relaxing to watch and i can't get enough of your videos; probably watched them all twice by now! <3 from Belgium!

  31. I really like this channel. As a strong club player, it is very refreshing hearing the commentary and the in depth analysis of the different plans in a position. This is exactly what is needed to bring a player to the next level. Thank you John.

  32. At 10.22 John instead of rxb, what about qxn? Threatening qxr and bishop still hanging on f8?

  33. Even if a game is not instructive per se, it is nice to have the contact with a charming pro. BTW my scorebook has wins in 12 moves and I hate all that blank space, how annoying but the game couldn't be left out.

  34. I really don't understand why some people cheat like this: only to get beat badly by someone who knows what he/she is doing.

  35. John's a super nice person. One of the most likable chess players of all time. A true gentleman with a great personality.

  36. Your Sicilian games have helped me improve my defense so much. Thank you! One of the best teachers on the platform.

  37. Egor spent more time on useless King moves after he was defeated than he did on moves when it really mattered earlier.

  38. On the bright side, we got two “Hey guys, this is John 🖐” for the price of one video

  39. This must be some dudes little brother playing on his account

  40. I like how John refers to taking pieces as "transactions" Stone cold John. Love it.

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