The Botez Sisters rank chess streamers such as Chess Brah and GM Hikaru on a tier list. Who would you have in S tier? Let us know down in the comments!

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  1. It's so weird seeing streamers standing up

  2. Im really glad you put chessbrah next to Hikaru. That's fair.

  3. Eric Rosen is individually bigger than levy. Levy only grew in popularity leeching of hikaru. But unfair but it’s true.

  4. Should've put Ludwig in F tier just for the memes

  5. I'm very proud to have been adopted to the Botez family 😭💕

  6. Aw, my heart was pounding for Baadur.

    Mission failed…we'l get 'em next time

  7. Ben Finegold is the funniest, Eric Rosen is the most wholesome, Levy Rozman is the most instructional

  8. 1.Sagar Shah, Samay Raina
    2. Eric Rosen, Levy Rozman
    Then the rest.

  9. The sister on the left looks like Oliva Rodrigo.

  10. Ben only a B come on. The only S should go on Jerry from chessnetwork.

  11. Cadê os brazucas aqui dando aquela moral para o nosso grande GM Krikor ???

  12. There's no such thing as an "S" tier in anything. Anything, everything, and everyone is flawed.

  13. My all time fav stream moment was in the bullet match between Alex & Nemo w/ Amand hosting. at the break w. Alex up like 5 to1 Amand ask Nemo about her premove stratgy, Nemo replied "what's a premove"

  14. Eric Rosen is XS tier. Levy, Anna…are ranked above him, are you kidding me??

  15. Putting Bartosh in S would be bad, hes good at A right now. He will eventually be S tho. A reszta jakieś randomsy wiec tak to.

  16. Only one I disagree with is Danya, he's by far the best chess teacher I've seen and I've watched all of the big ones, John Bartholomew is also incredible but Daniel just has a way with words that makes me understand more, I genuinely think he might be the best teacher I've ever seen at anything

  17. where are John Bartholomew and Simon Williams?

  18. Chess Dojo crew and IM Andras Toth should be included

  19. Aman truly is hilarious.

    lol wtf B for Ben? I thought these letters were for ranking, initials.

  20. you forgot to mention the most important qualify of Gothamchess : he puts out SO MUCH quality content. the guy just can't stop.

  21. S: Eric (Rosen),
    Ben Finegold,
    Eric & Aman but mainly Aman and especially when the music volume is mercifully down,
    Andrew Tang.
    A: Anna, Hikaru (his high quality play makes up for his low quality personality), Botez
    B: Nemo, Samay (his high quality personality makes up for his lower quality play).

    not sure I have opinions about anyone else on this list. but B is a good score, B means I would watch if none of the A or S tier is on.

    oh, Hammer. hmm. I haven't watched him much on his own, he's usually with other ppl. I guess also a B if he were on more.

  22. Hikari and Eric Hansen in the same bracket! Fight Fight Fight 😂

  23. Sagar Shah has to be their, he is the teacher of all the people who became chess players during Covid pandemic

  24. S+ category should be made for Rosen alone I feel

  25. the biggest chess streamer of all time is missing :/

  26. It's the most bullshit ranking of all time, with all due respect. Andrew tang, naroditsky and eric in A tier, are u seriously kidding me??

  27. Chessbaseindia is best for chess streams

  28. You mentioned agadmator in passing… hope he comes up on a future list…!

  29. Samay and Levy are S tier… I don't need anything else. I am happy!

  30. 1min slience for Chessbase India not being on the list

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