The Botez Sisters rank chess streamers such as Chess Brah and GM Hikaru on a tier list. Who would you have in S tier? Let us know down in the comments!

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  1. Help! How do I minimize Andrea's voice?

  2. Eric on A because he focuses on YouTube.

    Samay on S because he streams only on YouTube.


  3. Not ranking yourselves was a content miss!! Also Alessia deserved better! B!?!? Her stream is so entertaining and fun. I just wish our time-zones matched up better so I could catch her live!

  4. Krikor é S, não deviam nem ter ranqueado já que nem português falam

  5. Eric rosen needs to be above s-tier, cmon, he is the chillest person in this planet

  6. From where does S A B C F criteria come. Like what does S stand for.

  7. this is just straight up inaccurate when Eric Rosen's not at S

  8. Gotham should be on a rank of its own S+

  9. Ngl I did expect Ludwig somewhere in there …

  10. I like how aman is just wearing an avocado shirt

  11. F was a formality… so that E din feel bad

  12. the best contrast is watching an aman chessbrah video after an eric rosen video

  13. Theres a lot of nice streamers in Brazil, like GM Krikor, GM Rafael Leitão, Raffael Chess, Rafael Leite, IM Molina, Cia do Xadrez, GM Evandro Barbosa, etc…

    Nice to see Krikor in this list.

  14. Where’s the Ginger_GM? Simon’s streams are always entertaining and interesting. The guy can genuinely teach which really helps; look at his output with chessable recently.

  15. You missed sagar shah…. He literally taught samay how to play chess… He is a S tier streamer

  16. NM Canty should be included as well I think

  17. GM Robert Hess is a top-notch commentator; not sure that is content-creation status, but I love when he and Danny team up! (I wish you had sorted the S category; I am a GMHikaru fan for sure (he’s my first go-to for content), but Levy is right in his heels! 🤣🧡👍🏼)

  18. Bartosh should be in S tier, but Andrea can't forget that he won her money xd

  19. 8:24 If anyone is looking for Samay Raina…. Love you Samay Bhai

  20. Good to see Hikaru and his sidekick are both S tier

  21. I like Samay and Gothan but to me Raffael Chess is the best streamer and content creator but it's all in portuguese cos he's Brazilian. Very funny, amazing narrator and always positive.

  22. I was so offended not to see my man Agadmator anywhere in the rankings but then I remembered that he is not a streamer, but a Youtuber. Otherwise there would've been a need to create an S+ rank.

  23. Nothing against Hikaru and I really don't care about the whole chess drama suronding him, but honestly, the guy has no charisma, why so many people watch his channel? I know that he is one of the best, but isn't Magnus the best of the best? Come on…

  24. just came to see where samay stands , love you samay bhai

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