The Botez Sisters rank chess streamers such as Chess Brah and GM Hikaru on a tier list. Who would you have in S tier? Let us know down in the comments!

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  1. I was only here for Eric Rosen to see he gets respect heck yeah oh no my queen!

  2. For me Tang, Naroditsky and Alireza are the best.

  3. YT is also streaming, just not live streaming (most of the time). agadmator and chess network are criminally missing here 😉

  4. 3:56 Was that: "And not becuase he is my ex." OR "And not because he eat my a$$." ???

  5. The spanish translation for the title is wrong guys

  6. the uggo siz with more makeup than brains on the left should not talk

  7. I'm an older guy, somewhere around the 1,600-1,800, (have beaten my Kasparov Chess program at 2,100, but takes a lot of concentration). I am going to give people here that I have watched regarding Chess on YouTube.
    I think your list is mostly younger people.
    The first one is a Streamer, yet takes concentration for me to listen to him is German GM Huschenbeth. I do not know German, yet I get his ideas on the Board.
    Most lower rated players, including myself, like to listen to Antonio Radic, his channel is Agadmator. We like his analysis, and his interesting History of Chess games.
    I do like watching both of you two, your current games with the guys in the park reminds me of movie about Josh Waitzkin, "Searching For Bobby Fischer," and you are not saying, "Trick or Treat," like the little brat to the old, poor, Russian in the park who beat Tal once, when you play Russian Paul, and I like that. More respect. …and more respect than when both of you play each other…LOL!
    Anna Rudolf, the lady with the lip stick computer engine, (what morons to accuse Anna of that), learning from her dad's 386 computer, Battle Chess. I like Anna!
    GothamChess, Levy Rozman, I really like Levy, he takes the time to try to get a lower player to understand the game.
    I haven't listened to your Ex enough to really know about him.
    GM Hikaru, I think one of my favorite videos was GM Hikaru beating both of you while singing the Fleetwood Mac song, "Go Your Own Way." LOL!
    The others on your list I have not listened to.

  8. Ben Feingold was robbed, IMO. Thank you to all of the St. Louis teachers. You are the original innovators.

  9. BotezLive: Eric Rosen doesn’t stream very often, and this is a streamer tier list. If he streamed more, he would be in S tier

    Comments: WHY DIDNT YOU PUT HIM IN SSS TIER?!?! How is he lower than (insert streamer here)?! This is such a bad tier list oh my god

  10. Where is Ludwig aka the biggest chess streamer ever

  11. Gotham and Hikaru are just out of anyone else's league

  12. I can't see blitzstream not being s tier, I mean yes he's not speaking English, but I don't know any French chess player that don't know and follow him, and he even made many people start playing chess

  13. Ben Finegold takes only a B? On what earth am I living in?

  14. Where's my man John Bartholomew? He posts less but he's got the best content as far as I'm concerned.

  15. Check out "NM Robert Ramirez" on YT. A very good chess teacher.

  16. Can somebody explain the ranking system please? SABCF?

  17. you girls look weird like different pieces from different people are put together to build you up. It is very distracting, imma go and check some of the people you mentioned here for some fun chess content. Ty for the effort!

  18. Anything less than S tier for Eric Rosen is just quack. 😂👍

  19. Hikaru is Superman and levy is Batman of the chess streamers

  20. I think Magnus was kind of relieved you didn't get to him after those handicap games against Alex.

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